Acts of Kindness: Lauren’s Story

Working in care takes a special kind of person. But for those who take to it, there’s no other industry they’d rather be in.


Working in care takes a special kind of person. But for those who take to it, there’s no other industry they’d rather be in.

A big part of the reason behind that is the everyday acts of kindness and compassion that our Bluebirds experience every day. Sometimes they go above and beyond themselves. Sometimes they witness it from other people. Either way, those are the moments that make it all feel worthwhile.

We recently asked one of our most experienced team members about acts of kindness she’s heard about, or played a part in. This is her story.

Lauren, Supervisor at Bluebird Care Worthing

Portrait of Lauren, Blue Bird Care assistant

“As the supervisor for our Worthing branch I’m in charge of all customer queries and concerns – so anything like issues with their health, that comes to me. I’m also here for our carers if they have any concerns or need support, too.

“In the office I look at things like care plans and risk assessments – but sometimes I also get to go out doing care on double-up visits. In a way, I kind of look after everyone!

“I’ve been with Bluebird for a year now, but working in care for eight years. So, I’ve seen a lot of acts of kindness.

“One that comes to mind is that our coordinator, Jemma, did something really kind recently for one of our customers who has dementia and is hard of hearing.

“Because we have to wear masks, that customer can’t really lip read any more. So, Jemma made up a keyring full of different words and times and phrases like ‘We’re here to help you, we’re going to do this or that.’

“Because of her dementia the customer can get very distressed, but she can read really well still. So, when they show her a sentence she can understand, like ‘would you like a cup of tea?’ she understands what’s going on and calms down and is a lot friendlier. It just helps to keep her customer calm and reassured. Those keyrings have been so helpful that our carers use them all the time now.

Bluebird Care assistant greeting elderly man

“Our customers mean a lot to us and so when something like that works it’s a really nice feeling. You know you’re providing a good level of care and helping the customer to keep a little more dignity, and to feel a little more in control because they know what’s going on so they don’t feel the need to panic.

“I’ve another example as well. We have one lady who has a catheter, and her carer Kirsty has gone above and beyond helping her to manage it.

“Kirsty has gone out of her way to take samples to the doctor’s surgery and speak to the nurses there; just really being on top of everything to get the best care for this lady. It just goes to show the kindness and compassion our carers have for the people they look after.”

Could our carers’ kindness benefit you?

If you or a loved one could use a regular friendly chat with a kind, caring face, our team are here to offer just that. Visit our companionship care page or get in touch to find out how we can help.