Cross Franchise Recognition

Published: 13/03/2018

Tracey and Kevin McCormack,are the managing directors of 6 Bluebird Care franchises across Essex and East London.  Whilst each franchise is bounded by the same vision of 'serving the local community' and 'ensuring the customer remains at the heart of what we do, to", due to the differences in locations, people and communities each franchise has unique qualities which makes each Bluebird Care fantastically individualistic.  Today we recognize the qualities and characteristics of our Bluebird Care Chelmsford office, the umbrella values matched with the great team work and enthusiasm within all staff members makes our chelmsford branch so special and a tremendous care provider.  Click read more to see what Chelmsford Care Manager Natasha Schneider has to say about her office and finance team.

 would like to say that all the staff team at Mid Essex have ‘shined’ during the inclement weather.  They all put the customers first and were able to reach the most vulnerable. 
George and Kay were fabulous and really worked together, George carrying out the visits and Kay coordinating and managing the phone remotely.
They both kept me in the picture the whole time and I felt super proud of them all, especially George and Kay, given the past few weeks/months of an unsettled period and that they are both still relatively knew to the Mid Essex Branch.
It was especially lovely to received thanks form many of the customers for actually getting to them whilst the weather was so bad. I will forward you an email from a customer’s daughter.
I also would like the finance team to have their moment too because they also supported us during this time.  Victoria bought us all breakfast by way of keeping warm and positive spirit, Jess helped answer the phones and it felt like a real team effort.  (Sausage sandwiches were fabulous too!)