Being a Care Provider In the Snow

Published: 28/02/2018

When the snow falls we must continue to provide our care services, it is our role to ensure that in extreme weather vulnerable people receive the vital care they need to stay safe.  Please read more to learn how we plan for extreme weather conditions.

It is no secret that much of Essex and East London has seen a dumping of snow in recent days, and according to weather forecasts it is not due to stop just yet.
When the snow falls we have to continue to provide our services. It is so important that vulnerable individuals have a visit from a care assistant to check that they take their medication, have something warm to eat and drink and most importantly have someone to check that they are all ok and have everything that they need.
Whilst ensuring our customers well being is a priority. In times of extreme weather our care services are often delayed due to; Icy roads thus slow driving, Road accidents thus traffic jams, Care Workers not being able to attend work due to school closures and thus needing to look after children, and care worker illness due to cold weather. 
To deal with the above Weather related issues we put a contingency plan in place. Our contingency plan works as a traffic light system where customers are rated Red, Amber, Green according to their care needs and vulnerability. 
If a customer is rated Red - this means the customer is an absolute priority as if this customers visit was to be missed this would result in the customer being at a high risk.
If a customer is rated Amber - this means the customer is able to carry out some tasks for themselves or a family member may be able to assist them with there needs, the care visit being missed would provide some risk.
If a customer is rated Green - This means the customer is able to carry out most/all tasks themselves and the care visit being missed would provide a very low level risk.
We will always try our very best to attend all customer visits, but in times of an emergency and extreme weather conditions our contingency plan will be used and those whom are a high level of risk will be visited first. 

We ask everyone to take great care in the cold and icy conditions, ensure you are rapped up warm and if you do drive please ensure you take great care on the roads.
If our customers require any further information on their care visits please feel free to call your local office, all offices are open till 5 pm today and the emergency line will be available up until pm tonight.