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Bluebird Care Southampton have gathered information about local community groups which may be of interest to any customers looking to socialise in the locailty. Read more below.

Groups at Above Bar Church, Southampton.
  • Cameo Missional Community-group for over 50s (First and third Wednesday afternoon of every month.)

Contact Details:

 Above Bar Church, 69, Above Bar Street, Southampton, SO14 7FE
Phone number: 02380 228275
Email address:

Groups at Bitterne Parish Church, Bitterne, Southampton.
  • Time Out Social Group (Third Tuesday of every month, from 8pm in the church room.)
  • Connect-Women’s 40+ Group (Monthly meet ups; contact the church office for further information.)
  • Bitterne Mothers’ Union Group (Monthly meet ups; various external speakers.)

Contact Details: 

Address: Bitterne Parish Church, Whites Road, Bitterne, Southampton, SO19 7NP
Phone number: 02380 446488
Email address:

Groups at Deny's Community Centre, Portswood, Southampton.
  • Over 50s Social Club (Every Monday, from 2pm-4pm.)

Contact Details:

Address: St Deny’s Community Centre, Prior Road, Portswood, Southampton, SO17 2JZ
Phone number: 02380 834542
Email address:

Groups at Elim Christian Centre, Freemantle, Southampton.
  • Women @ Elim Social Group (Contact the centre for more details.)
  • ‘Connected’ Social Group (Contact the centre for further information.)

Contact Details:

Address: Elim Christian Centre, Park Road, Freemantle, Southampton, SO15 3DE.
Phone number: 07435 839867.

Groups at Freemantle & Shirley Community Centre, Shirley, Southanmpton.
  • Carers in Southampton (Last Friday of every month, from 12noon-2pm.)
  • Timebank Skills Swap Group (Every Wednesday morning, from 10am-1pm.)
  • 50 + Lunch and Social Club (First Wednesday of every month, from 1pm onwards.)
  • TAG Acting Group for people-Amateur Dramatics Group for people with learning disabilities. (Every Monday, from 7.30pm-9pm.)

Contact Details: 

Address: Freemantle and Shirley Community Centre, Randolph Street, Shirley, Southampton, SO15 3HE.
Phone Number: 02380 361570.
Email address:

Groups at Holy Trinity Church, Millbrook, Southanmpton.
  • Sunday Song Service and Mass (Every Sunday, from 10am.)
Contact Details: 

Address: Holy Trinity Church, Millbrook Road West, Millbrook, Southampton, SO15 0JZ.
Groups at Holy Trinity Church, Weston, Southampton.
  • Weston Community Choir (Every Monday, from 7.30pm onwards.)
  • Weston Lunch Club (Every Wednesday, from 12.45pm onwards.)
Contact Details: 

Address: Holy Trinity Church, Weston Lane, Weston, Southampton, SO19 9HG
Phone number: 02380 448421
Groups at Kingsland Community Centre, Southampton.
  • ‘Golden Oldies’ Social Group for Older People (First Friday of every month, from 7.30pm-9.30pm.)
  • 'Family Projects’ Group-Southampton Voluntary Services (Every Thursday from 9am-4pm.)

Contact Details:

Address: Kingsland Community Centre, Winton Street, Kingsland, Southampton, SO14 1JF
Phone number: 02380 338880
Email address:

Groups at Lordshill Community Centre, Lordshill.
  • 50 + Lunch Club (Fourth Thursday of every month, from 11.45am-3pm.)
  • Social/Craft Club (Every Friday, from 1pm-3pm.)

Contact Details:

Address: Lordshill Community Centre, Lordshill, Cromarty Road, Southampton, SO16 8LX.
Phone number: 07847 213813.

Groups at Northam Community Centre, Northam, Southampton.
  • WDB Bingo Group for those with hearing impairment (Alternate Tuesdays, from 1pm-5pm.)
  • WDB Coffee Morning for those with hearing impairment (Alternate Thursdays, from 9.30am-12.30pm.)

Contact Details: 

Address: Northam Community Centre, Kent Street, Northam, Southampton, SO14 5SP
Phone number: 02380 225083
Email address:

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