Our approach

For many of us, the question of care at home doesn’t arise until, suddenly, there is a need. At Bluebird Care Southampton, we strongly believe that prevention is better than cure. Most of us think that the stark choice is between either living self-sufficiently (without help), or being forced to ‘go into a home.’ Bluebird Care Southampton stops all that. We offer a realistic alternative to residential care and take a customer-centred approach with you at the core of your choices.

Our home care service enables you to be cared for in the comfort of your own home with the familiar faces of friends and relatives around you. No stress, no upheaval, and no-hassle: just good old-fashioned service delivered with a smile and compassionate commitment that remains a reassuring constant throughout. Care visits can be from 30 minutes upwards, depending on your chosen support service. We also supply live-in care services as an alternative to going into residential care.

When you are ready, just telephone us and we will arrange a time that’s convenient for you to come out and visit. You won’t get the hard sell; it will be a simple chat where you can ask us about the specific details of what we can do and we will talk through exactly what it is you want. We are very happy to give you professional guidance, but we will always respect that the ultimate decision is yours, not ours. When we are with you, we will be able to make arrangements to set up your care, usually within a fairly short period of time, and to welcome you as a customer of Bluebird Care Southampton.