Local support groups

Here at Bluebird Care Southampton we have compiled a list of local support groups that may be of interest to our customers. Read more below.

Lordshill Memory Cafe

Venue:  Lordshill Church, Lordshill District Centre, SO16 8HY

When:  2nd & 4th Thursday of each month
2nd (reminiscence) and 4th (singing)
Time:  From 1.30pm to 3pm 

Contact: margaret.hague@caraway.uk.com
or 07535 164014

Lordswood Memory Cafe

Venue:  Cafe 153, Kings Church Centre,  414 Coxford Rd, Lordswood, SO16 5LL

When:  1st Wednesday of each month
Time:  From 2pm to 4pm 

Contact: Sally Collins
or 07535 164014

Maybush Memory Cafe

Venue:  Potters Court, 538 Wimpson Lane, Maybush, Southampton, SO16 4JA

When:  The 3rd Tuesday of each month
Time:  From 2pm until 4pm

Contact:  caraway@caraway.uk.com or 07535 164014

07789 501249

Shirley Memory Cafe

Venue:  Make & Brew CafĂ©, St. James Road Methodist Church, Shirley SO15 5HE

When:  The 3rd Monday of each month
Time:  From 2pm until 4pm

Contact:  elizabethdwoodman@uwclub.net
07789 501249

St Denys Memory Cafe

Venue:  St Denys Church Dundee Road, Southampton, SO17 2ND

When:  1st & 3rd Tuesday of each month
Time:  From 2pm to 4pm

Contact:  caraway@caraway.uk.com
or 07535 164014

Arthritis Care Support Group
This group is held in the evening on the first Monday of every month, from 7.30pm onwards.  

Contact Details:

Address: Sembal House, Handle Terrace, Southampton, Hampshire, SO15 2FH
Phone:02380 833736
Bittern Memory Café

Venue:  Ascension Church, 1, Thorold Road, Bitterne Park SO18 1HZ

When:  2nd & 4th Wednesday of each month
Time:  From 2.30pm to 4.30pm 

Contact:  caraway@caraway.uk.com
or 07535 164014

Macular Society Southampton Support Group
This local support group takes place in the afternoon on the third Thursday of every month, from 2pm-4pm. It offers practical and emotional support to people who are experiencing macular degeneration.

Contact Details:

Address: St. James Road Methodist Church, St. James Road, Upper Shirley, Southampton, Hampshire, SO15 5HE
Phone: 0300 30 30 111
Parkinson's Disease Support Group
This group meets in the afternoon on the second Tuesday of every month, from 2pm-4pm. The group offers the chance to talk to others who are experiencing Parkinson’s Disease and socialise in an informal setting.

Contact Details:

Address: St Mary’s Church, Archers Road, Southampton, Hampshire, SO15 2LU
Phone: 02380 636425
Southampton Cancer Support Centre Support Sessions
This support centre is open from 10am-4pm, Monday to Wednesday, and offers a variety of holistic support sessions for those who are currently going through treatment for cancer, including aromatherapy, reiki and reflexology.

Contact Details:

Address: 11 Cranbury Terrace, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 0LH
Phone: 02380 672429

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