Alzheimer’s Society launched Emergency Appeal as lockdown takes effect

This week should have been Dementia Action Week, a time when Alzheimer’s Society shines a light on the issues faced by those affected by the condition.

Under normal circumstances, our staff and volunteers would be hosting a range of events across Northumberland, highlighting the work the society does.

Sadly, the current lockdown has forced us to postpone our plans.

Worse still, the Society’s income has taken a devastating hit since the lockdown began due many people being unable to participate in fundraising events.

We’re predicting a potential loss of up to £45 million over the course of the year. And this has come at a time when people affected by dementia need us more than ever.

In response, we have launched an Emergency Appeal to fund our vital support services, such as our Dementia Advisers and our Dementia Connect support line.

Coronavirus has changed everything for people with dementia.  Not only because they tend to be older and more vulnerable to the virus, but because of the confusion they may face during lockdown, their reliance on the care system, and the damage that isolation could do to their condition

Demand for Alzheimer’s Society support has sky-rocketed since the pandemic began. Our frontline team have been raising safety alerts, organising food packages, delivering regular welfare calls, and supporting those who have nobody else to turn to. They have dealt with matters of life and death. But thousands more need help.

People living with dementia have seen their lives turned upside down by isolation and social distancing. Many are scared, lonely and struggling to get the help they desperately need. 

A recent survey by Alzheimer’s Society revealed;

  • More than two thirds of people affected by dementia report feeling lonelier and more isolated due to the pandemic (78%)
  • Nearly half of people affected by dementia say they’re finding it hard or extremely hard to cope (46%)
  • People affected by dementia told us they’re most worried about not being able to see family or friends

With your support we can make sure people with dementia continue to get the help they desperately need.  Visit or donate at:

  • Ken Oxley is Media Officer for Alzheimer’s Society in the North East and Cumbria

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