Lung Cancer

Over 85,000 people in the UK have been diagnosed with lung cancer and approximately 43,000 are diagnosed each year in the UK. Every 300 seconds someone will die of this disease in the UK.

The main cause of lung cancer is cigarette smoking. People who have worked in an environment where they are exposed to smoke are also 25% more likely to diagnosed with lung cancer than someone who doesn’t smoke. Lung cancer can also happen to people who have never smoked.

Other causes of lung cancer include air pollution, family history of lung cancer and exposure to arsenic, asbestos and coal fumes to name a few.

General Symptoms of Lung Cancer

Having a cough for a long time, tiredness, losing weight, short of breath, pain in the chest or shoulder, signs of blood in your phlegm, wheezing and bone pain.

If you have any symptoms then you will need ask your GP for further help and advise.
How to reduce the Risks

  • The best way to reduce the risk of lung cancer is to stop smoking and most importantly never to smoke at all.

  • Eat a diet that is full of fruit and vegetable.

  • Exercise as much as possible

  • Reduce your risk of second hand smoking (passive smoking)

If you would like to donate then please click on the links below to some cancer charities.

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