Ishbel Celebrates 9 Years

Published: 29/03/2021

Our Lead Carer, Ishbel Mullen, celebrated her 9 year anniversary with Bluebird Care Edinburgh this month.

Earlier this month, we were asked to nominate females who we believe deserved recognition on International Women’s Day. I mean they deserve recognition every day, right?

We didn’t think twice about putting forward our Lead Carer, Isabel Mullen.  On the 26th of March, Isabel celebrated 9 years with us at Bluebird Care Edinburgh and we’ve loved having her every single minute.

Jane Perry told us:

She inspires her team consistently, going above and beyond for all her customers, ensuring they are safe, happy and comfortable in their own homes.

Angela Young told us: 

Isabel is an outstanding carer, her attention to detail with customer’s needs are second to none. Isabel always goes out of her way to assure the customer needs are met fully.

A lovely customer even wrote us this heart-warming review: 

She has a kind, considerate carer who shows my mother respect and interest. We never thought we would persuade my mother to accept support, but it has worked out better than we thought it would! Delighted!

We did an interview with Isabel and this is what she had to say:

Tell us about your journey with Bluebird Care Edinburgh

I first became interested in working for Bluebird Care Edinburgh nine years ago when I read an advert in the news. That evening I looked at the advert again, but I’ll be honest, I put the paper back down. Something inside kept drawing me back to that advert, so I applied and obviously I was successful and quickly one of the team.

I love interacting with all my different customers and knowing that I am truly making a difference, no request is too big or too small. When I go home at night, I am happy and content that everyone I have been to see that day is safe at home and settled. In fact, I’m truly delighted that I am one of the reasons those individuals can stay at home surrounded by their own memories and treasures.

One of my ladies had been in hospital for about six-week, when she was able to return home with a Live-in Care package in place. I helped settle the lady back home and kept in touch with other professionals to ensure the lady had all the correct equipment in place and her well-being needs were being met. I also assisted and mentored other members of the team involved in providing this ladies care. I even liaised-with family and kept them up to date ensure important information was communicated when required. I absolutely love being a carer because of the difference I can make to someone’s life.

Why do you love working for Bluebird Care?

I love working for Bluebird Care as I love being a part of the family whilst providing a professional service.

Why do you love being a Care Assistant?

Knowing that I am making a difference in helping to keep people at home. It brings me pure joy!

What tip would you give to someone joining the Care industry?

Just go for it. Don’t hold back, it’s hard work but it’s extremely rewarding.