Employee of the Month

Published: 22/05/2019

The award of Employee of the Month for April 2017.

Emma Reid care assistant of the month AprilThe award of Employee of the Month for April 2017 has been awarded to Sarah Reid; Sarah has been both motivating and inspiring to new staff, encouraging them to develop their skills and confidence within their new role of care assistant. 

For one care assistant in particular, Sarah worked really hard demonstrating techniques on how to better communicate with customers and make them feel valued. Everyday, Sarah uses her vision to feedback any issues or concerns to the office about the customers she visits on a regular basis.

Keeping the office updated with any changes in care needs etc means that she is doing her part to make our customers experience even better.   Sarah also looks for ways in which she can make the customers day better.  This could be sitting and having a cuppa tea and a chat to ensuring they are up, dressed and comfortable with their favourite drink and a snack before she leaves.