Care provider gets glowing report for high standards

Published: 04/12/2018

A leading home care provider has been recognised for the high standards and quality of services they provide across Worthing.

A leading home care provider has been recognised for the high standards and quality of services they provide across Worthing.
Bluebird Care Worthing received an inspection from the Care Quality Commission recently reporting on all aspects of the service.
An extract of the report says:
“People were supported by a kind and caring staff and management team and without exception people told us that they were happy and felt safe with the care and support they received. Systems and processes including staff training enabled people to receive a safe service. Care staff worked hard to help people during their own time as well as during paid work hours.
People told us that they felt safe with a regular and consistent staff team that they knew well. One person told us, "I get a list every week with who is coming, it's the same lady all the time at the moment. They [staff] help me get up and wash. I do feel safe with them."
A person's relative said, "Well it has been absolutely brilliant, we had another company but we changed to this one in February and it has been great."”                                                         
Providing care in the community throughout the whole of Worthing, Bluebird Care’s personal, tailor-made approach has proved to be a big hit with customers.  The business is owned and operated by Scott Browning and Fiona Ryder - who are passionate about providing high quality care for local people.
Inspectors from the regulator visited the area recently to find out what services Bluebird Care was offering, and the impact these were having on people’s lives.
As well as the high-quality provision of personal care, the report also highlights the positive work that has been done to include customers in the day-to-day decisions about the care they receive.
The report went onto quote customers who praised the service they receive:
“People told us that they were supported to eat and drink enough. One person said, "They [staff] make my breakfast, just whatever I ask for." The staff member encouraged the person to go into the kitchen with them and to engage in conversation while they prepared their meal for them. While the meal was cooking the staff member supported the person to have a walk around their garden to get some fresh air before their meal. The person said to us, "They're [staff] all lovely."  This positive interaction with a person demonstrated that people were offered choices and that staff provided meals for them in line with these individual preferences while they also considered the important social aspect of meal times.”
Other positive comments included, A person said, "They [staff] are very good, very good indeed. They are most kind to me and so very polite."  A person's relative said, "The girls are lovely with [relative], so kind."
Regarding decision making, the report further stated:
“People were treated with sensitivity and empathy by staff who knew them very well. People were involved with decisions about their care, with medicines being given safely to people. Risks to people were clearly understood and well managed. Staff were trained to support people who may experience behaviours that may challenge and supported people sensitively in these circumstances.
Staff supported and encouraged people to live as independently as they were able to with those who may be living with dementia also being supported to engage in activities and experiences to promote their independence. People were provided with positive opportunities to enjoy favourite pastimes with staff support and encouragement which included outings to cafes and trips to the seaside.”
Inspectors then went on to add:
“At our last inspection people told us that they were always treated with dignity and respect and that their privacy and dignity was maintained. Caring relationships were developed between people and staff who knew them well. We found that people still felt that that the staff were caring and respectful and that their dignity and independence was maintained and encouraged by staff.
A member of staff told us, "It's important that people do it [care] from their heart" and "I would do the same for my mum."
The Care Quality Commission’s positive report allows the organisation to stand out from other providers of care across Worthing.
Managing Directors Fiona Ryder and Scott Browning were delighted with the report. They said:
"We provide a professional home care service, and we judge ourselves daily by the standard of care we are actually delivering.
We’re very pleased with this positive news from the CQC. We always felt confident that we were delivering a high-quality standard of care, but it is encouraging to have that recognition from our national regulator.
Our care workers always go that extra mile to ensure the people we look after have everything they need and our glowing report is due to their hard work.”
Bluebird Care provides professional care staff who visit older and disabled people in their own homes. Care visits can last for as half an hour or an hour at a time up to full time live-in care.
With a local office based in Rustington, Bluebird Care provides a high quality, local service across the whole Worthing including Littlehampton, Rustington, East Preston, Goring, Ferring, Durrington and Findon.
For more details about Bluebird Care Worthing call 01903 730026, email or visit their office at Unit 1, Azure Suites, Churchill Court, Rustington, BN16 3DA.