Forget Me Not Community Hub

A community hub that welcomes everyone to join us for tea, coffee, cake and company


We wanted to encourage the most vulnerable people in our society to meet new people and end the feeling of solation and loneliness. They have to be two of hardest things our elderly people live with day in and day out. Imagine always being busy, working, raising a family, meeting with friends and having the mobility and energy to do it. Then all of a sudden, you are less mobile, have less confidence and everyone is busy with their own life. We understand, and this is why we set up a local community Hub in The Vale so that we can welcome everyone who feels like this. Our Hub is driven from the heart and Nicola, Hub Co-Ordinator has worked for us for many years and understands the importance of the hub. Over the last (almost) 2 years we have built the Hub from nothing to full most afternoons. On Mondays "RISE" Sports attend the hub and do armchair sports which raises a giggle or two. The Hub is open and we meet on Monday's, Tuesday's, Thursday's and Friday's 2-4pm and everyone is welcome. There is no charge for the hub and we serve tea and biscuits and plenty of laughter. We someimtes have local visitors too like the local therapy massage practitioner who gave everyone a free hand massage, the local police officer to tell us about "Whats going on" and even the local choir. It really is a fabulous place to be and absolutely everyone is welcome.

Let's bring people together, those who feel most lonely and isolated from their community. Let's play games, drink tea an laugh ALOT!