Case Study: Joyce

Bluebird Care provides quality care enabling people like Joyce to stay in their beloved homes. With Live-in Care, Joyce returned home safely, enjoying community and independence.

At Bluebird Care, we have the privilege of being able to make a difference in people’s lives by providing quality care and support that enables people to remain in the home they love, and communities they are familiar with. 

This was certainly the case for our customer Joyce, who found herself living at home alone after her husband sadly passed away a few years ago. 

After an unfortunate fall at home, Joyce recently spent three months in hospital recovering and when she was ready to be discharged, the hospital team suggested that a care home was the best option because they were concerned about her safety returning home alone. 

This was not the news Joyce wanted and although she had no children or close family who could provide support, Joyce was determined to return to her home of 50 years, being in familiar surroundings and remaining with the friends she loves in her local community. 

Feeling distraught about the situation, Joyce confided in a friend who contacted us to see what options were available. The main point of concern was to ensure she could return home safely. 

After a good chat with our Live-In Care Manager Liz, Tracey, our Live-in Care Supervisor visited Joyce at the hospital to discuss her returning home with Live-in Care. 

Joyce was unfamiliar with Live-in Care and how it works, so after explaining the benefits and providing reassurance that she would not need to move into a care home, Joyce decided that Live-in Care was the perfect solution. 

Being able to have the choice to go home and remain in the community she has been part of for 50 years rather than needing to sell her beloved home and belongings was the best outcome for Joyce. She was overjoyed when we explained how Live-in Care would help her achieve this. 

Since returning home with her Live-in Care Worker, Joyce has been able to attend many events and activities, particularly over the festive period. She can see friends whenever she wants without having to fit around a routine of a care home and it has been wonderful to see a dramatic improvement in her physical and emotional wellbeing. 

Joyce’s story is just one of many and it’s the simple things that can make a huge difference. We really do believe that there truly is no place like home, and I am sure Joyce agrees. 

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