International Day of Happiness – 20th March 2021

March sees ‘International Day of Happiness’ and this year’s theme is #happinessforallforever …but what is it all about?

International Day of HappinessMarch sees ‘International Day of Happiness’ and this year’s theme is #happinessforallforever …but what is it all about?

The International Day of Happiness was founded on June 28th 2012 by the United Nations, recognising happiness as a “fundamental human right and goal, and aspiration in the lives of all human beings”.

This years’ campaign theme, Happiness For All Forever, is aiming to unite people around the world post Covid-19 pandemic, to start a new chapter in the ‘story of us’ with lasting lessons from our shared experiences throughout the last 12 months. The International Day of Happiness is focusing on #TenStepsToGlobalHappiness to achieve this aspiration, and you can read more about these here: Home | International Day of Happiness (

In recognition of International Day of Happiness, and in acknowledgement of the difficult times we’ve all experienced over the past 12 months, Bluebird Care is sharing our ‘top tips for happiness’ – you never know, there might be an idea you could look to try out for your own day of happiness!

Happiness for me is spending time outside - listening, seeing, hearing all the wonders nature has to offer.  Whether that be standing at the top of a mountain and taking in an amazing view or just pottering in the garden and saying hello to a friendly Robin or whizzing down a steep hill on my bike - less so, going uphill!  My family are all very active and we enjoy doing things together which means I get to enjoy being with them too – this is when I am most happy!


I only worry about what I can control, if I can’t control or influence it then I’m not going to let it concern me. I find this helps me focus on the positive things in life, things I can change to make me or my world better and put those uncontrollable things to the side that ultimately are just distractions.


After a hectic day at work, I’m happiest pottering around my garden. Whether I’m watering my vegetables or collecting eggs from my growing flock of back garden chickens, it’s my time of the day to take a breath, relax and recharge.


What makes me happy is getting out into the countryside for long walks.  There’s nothing better than feeling the sun on your face (or rain or cold wind) for clearing your head.  Just listening to the birds chattering and no other noise is happiness itself for me 😊


Spending time with my family (in particular; family game nights with my wife and kids – monopoly, UNO, poker, etc!), playing with and walking our two dogs, taking my son to Airsoft, watching England play cricket at Lords and relaxing in the summerhouse with a cold drink and a good book!


Happiness is….walking along the beach with the sea lapping at your feet; Happiness is …. hearing the birds sing at the start of a new day; Happiness is …. sharing time with your friends and family; Happiness is … making someone’s day by carrying out a simple act of kindness.


And me? Family movie nights, cooking with my daughters, long walks in the countryside, sunshine in the garden, peace and quiet with a book (ideally accompanied by a G&T) and doting on (spoiling) my darling cats.

We hope these made you smile and please let us know your own tips! 

Keep smiling everyone.


- Katy Falconer, Head of People, Bluebird Care

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