Top 10 tips to stay positive in self-isolation

Bluebird Care support people to live well in their own home but some elements of this support has been restricted during these times, such as social outings and companionship. Self-isolating is a relatively new way of living for many people in the UK and although people may be used to living alone, not being allowed to go out as and when you please can have a significant impact on your health and wellbeing. Take a look at our top 10 tips on how you can stay positive during self-isolation: 

  1. Learn something new
    This is the perfect time to try something new, is there a hobby you have always wanted to try but never had the time? There are many hobbies you can start at home, with supplies easily accessible online. Maybe you want to take up knitting or crochet? Or maybe baking and cake decorating? There are so many activities out there that you could try, if knitting or baking isn’t for you, take a look at this list – we’re sure there will be something here that will appeal to you!
  2. Get out in the fresh air
    Even during self-isolation, it is important to get fresh air to help maintain your wellbeing, as we enter the summer months and the weather is nicer the sunshine can really lift your mood. If you are lucky enough to have a garden this is the perfect time to get out there, whether that’s spending some time weeding, purchasing some new plants or just relaxing outside with a cool drink and enjoying your outdoor space. Check out these great ideas on how you can transform your garden, by upcycling unused household items! 
  3. Keep your brain stimulated 
    It’s easy to spend all day binge watching a new tv series or watching daytime TV, but it is important to keep your brain stimulated with other activities to keep your positivity levels up. Other indoor activities that you can try aside from TV include doing puzzles, colouring (not just for children, you can get adult colouring books!) or activity books such as word searches and brain teasers. All of these can also be great for those that live with Anxiety and may be finding their symptoms heightened when spending an increased amount of time on their own. 
  4. Keep in touch with your family & friends
    It is so important to keep in touch with loved ones, even if you can’t physically be together there are many different digital platforms out there that you can use to stay in touch. The popularity of video calling is increasing, with even TV shows using this to keep programmes running – top apps for group calls include Zoom, Facetime (if you’re an Apple user) or Microsoft Teams (if you use Outlook). Alternatively, you can also use messaging apps that you are probably already familiar with such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger – all of which you can access on your phone or tablet via an app or using your web browser on a desktop computer or laptop. 
  5. Try some meditation and mindfulness 
    Meditation can help if you are experiencing anxiety or are finding your stress levels to be heightened during self-isolation, whether that’s due to financial worries or the not knowing of what life will look like post self-isolation. There are some great Apps out there such as Headspace and Calm, which walk you through you the skills of meditation and mindfulness. Plus, these only require a few minutes commitment each day and are really easy to embed into your daily routine!
  6. Volunteer in your community
    If you are not someone who is shielding, but maybe you have been furloughed you may be looking for some extra activities to carry out in the daytime. This is the perfect opportunity to volunteer in your local community, a number of food banks are looking for volunteers due to a surge in demand as well as delivery services. Reach out to your local food bank, or your local shops – do they need some assistance in delivering everyday items to those shielding? This could just be a couple of a hours a week, but an excellent way to give back! 
  7. Create an exercise routine
    Exercise is a great way to boost your mood and get you ready for the day, no matter what your age or fitness level. Since lockdown began, 100s of online classes have become available on a range of platforms, so whatever your preference you can join via Zoom, Instagram or You Tube. You may have seen that since the schools got closed Fitness expert Joe Wicks launched PE lessons online, all whilst raising money for the NHS - where parents could also get involved. If this takes your fancy, why not take a look at these top 10 online fitness classes
  8. Play games!
    Games are a great way to pass the time and also rediscover your competitive side, so why not go and dig out those old board games? Plus, don’t forget if you are isolating by yourself there’s no reason why you can’t get involved, thanks to technology there are many games you can access online. Many families are now also getting involved in group quizzes on platforms such as Zoom, which have become weekly events to catch up with everyone and have a bit of fun. So why not start your own family quiz?
  9. Embrace your natural looks
    Self-isolation has prevented many people from visiting the hairdressers and accessing their normal beauty & cosmetic products, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a beauty routine. Why not change up your normal routine and embrace your natural looks? Try out a hair mask once a week to treat your natural hair, instead of the normal highlights you might get. Also, try out some different face masks to help cleanse your skin, there are so many out there for all skin types, so whether you are looking to hydrate your skin or you just want to try something different, there are many to choose from!
  10. Spring Cleaning
    Our final tip is one that is on every homeowner’s to do list, but quite often one that we never get round to doing. The current lockdown situation offers the perfect opportunity to spring clean your house from top to bottom. When was the last time you done a big de-clutter in your wardrobe? What about organising all of those old childhood memories that are in the attic? If you don’t fancy a big job, how about just giving your kitchen cupboards a good clean and tidy? Cleaning can increase productivity as well as leave you in a healthy state of mind. It’s a great job satisfaction task and once you start you won’t want to stop at just one room! 

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