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The care and support that Bluebird Care has provided my 91-year-old father-in-law have been above and beyond the call of duty. On 20/1/21 Bluebird called to prepare my father in-law's evening meal. Unfortunately, my father-in-law had decided to place a prepared meal in the oven and forgot about it. Our Bluebird arrived to find the kitchen filled with smoke and the oven at the point of setting on fire, my father-in-law was in the living room oblivious. The way the carer reacted to this dangerous situation was, calm, cool and considerate, she thought first of the client and not herself, we will never be able to express our thanks and gratitude to her, she saved my father-in-law's life. The Bluebird care team indoor and outdoor are easy to communicate with, kind and understanding, they become part of the family in an unobtrusive way, they are just fabulous .... Thank you..xx

Bluebird Care are second to none. Well done.



Bluebird Care are one of many companies we have had. They, the carers and management, outshine all we have had, second to none. We had truly a very good set up. Good luck and Happiness to all of the lovely carers and management. They and us, couldn't find better.


Spouse of customer

Friendly professional company and alway go the extra mile.  I would always recommend Bluebird Care Rochdale.


Just waiting on Asda car park (Rochdale)  and I witnessed your staff in action, she was encouraging, patient and compassionate towards the client she was assisting.

I've known John & Beryl for over 10 years and cannot think of a more suited couple for this business. Their passion and commitment to providing quality care to people is evident to anyone that spends 5 minutes in their company.


If you are looking for a care service then these are the ones to go to. They tailor the package to exactly what you need and then ensure that you get exactly what you want to. They are super friendly and and get every last detail from you to ensure they cover all the bases. You don't realise what it means until you have to find a care company and Bluebird make sure you get the package you want not what they want to provide.


I have known John and Beryl over 25 years.  They are two of the nicest kindest people you could wish to meet, they are passionate about Bluebird Care and the services they provide. If in the future I ever need support or anyone I love needed support I would definitely turn to them as I can guarantee a exemplary service which would be centred around the person needing support.


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