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We believe that care matters and we are committed to providing the highest quality home care so that our customers can remain in their own homes.

What makes our homecare services different is that we put you first. We aim to provide you with the same standard of care that we would expect for our own families. This means valuing each person’s unique qualities and seeing them as an individual, and not as a list of care needs.

We work alongside families and individuals to tailor our services to help our customers stay in control of their own care for as long as they are able to. Delivering the very best homecare is our passion, and we strive to achieve this every day.

Allan has just passed probation after what has been a pretty challenging 12 weeks for him, having never worked in care before.  Allan has really worked hard to win over customers and has had so many successes.  Only last month Allan took a customer, out, Brian, who lives in a residential setting.  Brian was described as withdrawn and not overly sociable.

Allan started by taking him out for a bit of a drive to see more of the naturally beautiful part of the world that we live in and it has had an incredible affect on this gentleman.  Suddenly Brian’s life is full again and he has something to look forward to when Allan calls to visit.

Allan also became a favourite of Effie.  Unfortunately, her family are spread across the North West and Midlands, but we were able to keep them informed of what was happening on each visit via our online portal, which they are able to log into after each visit and get sight of what had happened when the platform had been populated with detailed notes.  Eventually the family decided to relocate Effie and Allan took her to All That Sparkles, a Vintage Tea Room in her home town of Middleton for her last visit as a treat.

Our Care Manager, Michelle, had been to visit one of our customers. Marjorie.  Although it would not be appropriate to mention her age, Marjorie is in receipt of a telegram from a well-known VIP.  Marjorie had commented how it was a nice and refreshing change to have had a visit from a male member of our team, and that Allan was a breath of fresh air.

Allan continues to bring his friendly personality to all those that he deals with and brings sunshine into the home of those that he visits.  Congratulations on passing probation Allan, where you will now get a well earned pay uplift and additional gifts.  You are a really valued member of our team.  Thanks for all that you do.   

Top man!


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