Bluebird Care offices invite their local community to the Virtual Dementia Experience

Published: 26/10/2022

Bluebird Care Camden & Hampstead and Highgate & Haringey, recently hired the Dementia Bus and invited along their local communities.

Bluebird Care Camden & Hampstead and Haringey & Highgate recently invited their local communities along to join their care teams in the Dementia Bus and take part in a state-of-the-art Virtual Dementia Tour, provided by Training 2 CARE. 

The Dementia Bus offers participants the chance to experience how dementia may manifest itself by replicating the real symptoms and challenges faced by those diagnosed with the condition. The medically-proven training method helps our care teams to understand how they can improve the care they deliver to better support our customers who are living with dementia.

In attendance to gain new knowledge and a deeper understanding of the lives of people with dementia were the Deputy Mayor of Haringey, Camden’s Deputy Mayor, local councillors, representatives from local charities and also unpaid (family) carers supporting loved ones living with dementia.

I would strongly recommend anyone who is supporting someone living with dementia to try and attend this experience as it was incredibly insightful. It was great to have so many people from our local community join a large number of our team to interact, learn and share throughout the day.

George Morris, Franchise Owner - Camden & Hampstead and Highgate & Haringey

As part of the training, participants are required to carry out some basic activities whilst having their environment altered, this includes:

  • The inability to hold items properly
  • Severe noise distractions and sensitivity 
  • Imparied vision and disorientation
  • Darkness and feet discomfort

Training 2 CARE are constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved through experiential training and our nine Mobile Virtual Dementia Simulators are a powerful portal to this.  Having the support of an amazing organisation such as Bluebird Care by sponsoring the latest bus will help us reach an even larger proportion of the UK and vitally develop skills and understanding for the people that support people with dementia daily. Bluebird Care’s commitment to innovative delivery of the care that they provide matches our goals for training in the UK and we are excited to join them on this journey.

Glenn Knight, CEO - Training 2 CARE

Bluebird Care have officially sponsored the ‘Dementia Bus’ this year, as it tours the UK.