Bluebird Care Kick-starts 'It's Time to Care' Campaign to Attract More People to Work in Care

Published: 04/08/2021

One of the UK's biggest home care providers, Bluebird Care, is again mounting a national campaign to attract more people to work in the social care sector.

The ‘It’s Time to Care’ campaign, which was first launched last year, has been kick-started by the home care provider in an effort to alleviate the recruitment pressures currently facing the social care sector. 

Although COVID-19 restrictions have been largely lifted across the UK, shortages of Care Assistants continue to affect the industry, with many home care providers eagerly searching for talented individuals to join their teams for rewarding careers. 

To raise awareness of the various paths that people take into a career in social care, Bluebird Care is celebrating some of their many team members across the country, each with their own journey into the industry. The home care provider hopes that the campaign will encourage those who may not be considering a career in care to reflect on whether joining the sector could in fact be for them. 

Derek Bell, was 74, a grandfather and a retired engineer when he decided to become a Care Assistant. On his terms, he is now able to work in an area he has lived his whole life and his customers are often old neighbours, friends and even former work colleagues. 

Derek, a popular Bluebird Care figure, said: “I think I have a great job, I really enjoy it. I love meeting people and seeing the difference I make to their lives.” 

Chris Fyfe, 70, retired after 30 years spent as a publican at the age of 60, and has spent 10 years as a Care Assistant and says he regrets not joining the social care sector earlier in his life.

Chris said: “My aim is to provide care for people in their own homes and to help them live independently. There’s something about being in your own home. You can make your own choices and you have familiar things around you that you have probably had for years.”

For some, Bluebird Care offers a career path from the beginning. Harriet Webber joined as a Care Assistant at 18 following a difficult period in her life and has not looked back since. Harriet is now Head of Recruitment and Marketing for Bluebird Care’s Lincolnshire and North Yorkshire office. She has demonstrated a career progression possible for all Care Assistants. 

In joining Bluebird Care, Harriet said: “It was the best thing I ever did. I had people who needed me and depended on me. It made me realise what I wanted to do in life. I wanted to help people and if I can get to where I am today, then anyone can”.

Speaking of the campaign, Katy Falconer, Head of People at Bluebird Care, said:

Each and every Care Assistant at Bluebird Care is different, but they are all ultimately united in their commitment to maximising the wellbeing of our customers. It is this philosophy that binds all those who work in the sector, regardless of age, gender or experience. 

However, with increasing staffing pressures in the UK, we once again need to champion the rewarding careers the social care sector offers in a bid to encourage more to join our industry. We want to showcase the unique people who make-up this sector, whose invaluable work allows others to remain in their own homes, surrounded by their loved ones, in a setting most familiar to them. 

At Bluebird Care, our Care Assistant roles come with security, safety and industry-leading rewards. We aren’t looking for experience or a specific skillset, as we provide full training. Rather, we’re hoping to attract those who hold the core values of compassion, dedication and a commitment to helping others in their community.