Our Live-in Care Stories

Our Live-in Care staff share their experiences in the industry...

Our Live-in carer Mamusu shares her story below.

Bluebird Care Live-in Care staff Mamusu

From age of 7, I became the young carer for my mother, living with sickle cell. It was then whilst looking after my siblings and my mother, that I knew I wanted a career in helping people. Being caring can’t be handed down or taught like a mother teaching a new skill in the kitchen, it is much deeper, caring is in my blood. I was so passionate about doing my best to help others.

I applied for a full-time job in east London in domiciliary care, I could not believe how rewarding this job was, to be part of a customer’s life, providing them with support to live independently in their own home and having as many laughs where possible along the way, adding real value back in their lives. Knowing I was giving them the best support and being an advocate in healthcare gave me the biggest sense of happiness.

Loneliness is one of the biggest killers for our elderly.

At 24 years old, I wanted to move onto the next level, so I decided to become a live-in carer, it has now been a year since working for Bluebird Care, and I have never felt such great support from a company, I do not feel alone. I have already experienced many different live-in care packages, each one goes through a process, an assessment to ensure compatibility, to build the bespoke package to ensure all expectations are delivered with a smile and confidence.

Currently, I am doing a BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Lead Adult Care, which strengthens my skills and enables me to communicate in different ways other than speaking. My last customer was not able to communicate, I would put a Cliff Richard song on the radio and watch them shine with happiness,

The smiles, the wink of agreement, and the slight wiggles of movement made my heart sing!

My advice to anyone that is thinking about a career in care – go for it! Life is short enough, I, unfortunately, lost 3 customers over the last few months due to end-of-life causes, although initially sad at losing a friend, knew I had added a huge positive impact by being their companion and supporting their way of life at home. Go for it – give back to society to those who have already done theirs. Give confidence to yourself that when you are at the age that needs care, there will be someone like me to help.

Bluebird Care Live-in Care staff Mamusu Holding a customer's hand

There is a stigma about caring that I want to squash, only 000.1% is the role of wiping bottoms, and the rest of the time is spent being a companion and confidant. Being a live-in carer takes me around different places in the UK which I would never think to visit. I love meeting and helping new people!


Our Live-in carer Jon shares his story below.

Bluebird Care Live-in care staff Jon

Before I was a live-in carer, I worked as a stock control inventory, I purchased various stock at negotiated prices with a profit turnover £10,000! After 5 years I was made redundant and for a while after I didn't know what I wanted to do, but I was offered a private live-in care position, initially I was a bit fearful as I had never done anything like this before, but 4 months later, I loved it! I decided to then pursue a career in care and have been with Bluebird Care since!

Bluebird Care Live-in Care staff Jon

The days are very structured, I have breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same time as my customer, you get to know the family, it really is such a rewarding job. For me being a live-in carer gives the customers reassurance
and companionship. One time, a gentleman I was looking after, always walked with foot dragging along the floor, it wasn't until I realised, his inner sole was affecting his walk, so I changed the size of it, and now he walks
with both feet lifting up and now walks with a spring in his step.

It's the little things that really make me really happy!


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