Healthy Mind, Healthy Body!

Published: 10/11/2017

At Bluebird Care we believe a healthy mind makes a healthy body, therefore our services are designed to promote engagement and stimulation. 

Too often people sit alone with only television for company, we believe that mental stimulation through; brain teasers, puzzles and games can keep our customers more alert and therefore healthier in their lives. 

Research shows that our brains are just as capable as learning in the second half of our life as in the first! Choosing to do some brain activities a few times a week can keep our minds sharp and able to function at a higher level. Sometimes we just need a bit of encouragement or someone to engage with us to try new activities, or revisit old ones!

Therefore during Self Care next week, we are going to ask our care assistants to suggest incorporating some fun brain teasers and puzzles into our customers weekly routine. We want to ensure our customers mind’s stay healthy and through brain stimulation we can!