Carers Week 2020

Published: 11/07/2020

Celebrating our Carers during Carers Week

  • There are almost 7 million carers in the UK  – that is one in ten people. This is rising.
  • Out of the UK’s carers, 42% of carers are men and 58% are women.  
  • Over the next 30 years, the number of carers will increase by 3.4 million (around 60%).  
  • The number of people over 85 in the UK, the age group most likely to need care, is expected to increase by over 50% to 1.9 million over the next decade.

At Bluebird Care Market Harborough and Oadby our professionally trained carers/care givers are the best in the industry. They are compassionate. knowledgable and committed to the wellbeing of our customers. Without the amazing people in our team, we would not be able to provide quality home care for our community who live wiht a range of health concerns such as Dementia, Parkinsons, cancer, stroke recovery, cardio vascular issues and reduced mobilty.

We are a Family at Bluebird Care Market Harborough and Oadby.  Our carers, office support team and our customers and share a common purpose and bond; to care for our customers as if they are family. 

Our carers know just much they are valued by the Directors at Bluebird Care Market Harborough and Oadby. To show our appreciate, we arranged for them to recieve a beautiful arrangement of flowers,  hand delivered by Angela Lakhanpaul, one of our Directors. They were so happy to recieve their flowers when surprised after their care visit. 

It was priceless to hear how the flowers brightened up their day. 

Thank you to all our carers. Your dedication and the skilled care support you provide to local community is very much recognised. 

Picures of our carers afer they recieved their bouquet of flowers