Bluebird Care Macclesfield sponsors Andrea's AMMF Army 2024's next challenge!

Published: 30/10/2023

We recently renewed our sponsorship for Andrea's AMMF Army's next challenge - The Inca Trail & Rainbow Mountain


Andrea has written the following piece about the challenge on her website: 


"Many people of heard of the Inca Trail and Macha Picchu in Peru, but not everyone has heard of Rainbow Mountain. This mountain was hidden by snow and ice until the end of 2015, when the snow melted away and revealed its true rainbow-like beauty to the world! Its multicoloured appearance is due to the sediments and minerals throughout, and this stunning mountain is over 17,060 feet high! This challenge will test our physical and mental endurance, due to the high altitudes that we will be exposed too! I am extremely lucky to be joined again by my husband Chris, my daughter Amelia and 21 amazing friends – Freya Nicolls, Anne Holdcroft, Marie Williams, Lisa Taylor, Janet McGroggan, Suzie McGroggan, Sam Weston, Lisa Smith, Jacqui Orme-Wilson, Franca Licata, Sally Murray, Kristina McCartney, Rachel Price, Simon Price, Andy Dale, Keith Fowles, Oly Rhodes, Jack Carr, Phil Clifton, David Wiley & Neil Pollock. Many of these friends have joined me on my previous challenges and continue to give up their own time and money to help me with my ongoing fundraising missions!

I feel destined to do this next challenge, as Rainbow Mountain revealed its true beauty to the world at the same time my own world was falling apart from my cancer diagnosis. It is considered by locals as a sacred and holy place, and ever since realising this positive connection to me, I have wanted to experience this beautiful natural wonder for myself"

Read more on the link below: