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At Bluebird Care (Hounslow & Chiswick) we offer a personal, professional service to you and your family. We are determined to deliver the best possible care for every single person and are delighted when we receive positive feedback from our customers, their families and friends.

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Good Evening Eni,

I just wanted to say thanks.

Also I would like to re highlight how attentive and caring Rachel and Gurmeet are. They really are attentive and caring.I think they also really like my father as his is a fantastic human. They are such a great help to me and mostly my father. They genuinely care about his wellbeing as much as I do.

So I just wanted to pay credit when it is due. 

And thank you to your Whole team for dealing with me,in my good and bad moments.

Many thanks,

Daughter of Customer

Alan's condition has deteriorated a lot so I need the physical help and some emotional help as well which they do provide. 

Alan going into a nursing home was just not what we wanted...we wanted Alan to stay at home for as long as possible so having the package we've got works really well for us.

Alan & Margaret Hawkins

That's what I really like about them, it's a very personal service and I don't feel like one of a number with them. I'm me.

It's made it a lot easier and made me feel not so different from other people.

Chlodia Morton

If you've got somebody coming in it makes a difference if you're on your own all the time ... If you don't see anyone you can have a bit of a lonely life.

It gives me peace of mind, I've got someone who I can rely on and this is the main thing.

Beryl Trim

I think since Bluebird came on the scene you (Jean Brice) are more relaxed, happier, calmer and also well cared for.

I can't fault it really because everything that they said they would do, everything they promised, they have fulfilled.

Jean Brice & Jane Nicholson

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