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Laura Williams Celebrates 10 Years with Bluebird Care

As Laura Williams celebrates her 10th year with Bluebird Care, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for her unwavering commitment, outstanding performance, and exemplary service.


Sarah Greaves Care Assistant of the Year 2022

Sarah is the epitome of dedication and compassion when it comes to caring for others. Her commitment to providing exceptional care has earned her the coveted title of Care Assistant of the Year 2022.


A Career in Care - Starting Your Career

PART 3 - In the final part of the career in care guide, you will find the most recent and updated job vacancies we have currently advertised for Bluebird Care (Havering).


A Career in Care - Care Assistant Insight

PART 2 - In this part of the career guide, you will get an insight into a real-life example of a care assistant at Bluebird Care (Havering).


A Career in Care - What to Expect

PART 1 - A guide to working in the care industry and for Bluebird Care. What are the expectations and requirements? Find out in Part 1 of the Care Career Guide.


Why It's Important to Contact a Dementia Care Facility

Living with dementia can be a difficult and lonely experience for both the person suffering with dementia, as well as their family and close friends.


Looking After Havering

Never has the wellbeing of our loved ones been more important. There comes a time when many of us need to seek assistance when looking after the people who matter most.


PPE Equipment in Care

In recent national news, it has come to attention that face masks within certain care homes across the UK have had to be recalled due to faults.


Kind Words from Penny Blake

After my initial call Laura Williams visited to do mums Care Assessment and speaking with Laura I felt straight away that I had made the right choice of company.


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