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"Having arrived home from my holiday in fine fettle; I wanted to feed back my experiences and thoughts at the earliest opportunity, and while they are still fresh in my mind.

Like any trip like this, it is first and foremost, so important to have the right care; from the right person, in a very fluid and personalised manner. Someone who has the experience and speed of thought to react and adapt to unforeseen issues as if they weren’t issues at all. 

It needed someone with an eye for great detail, very good communication skills and very good staying power… whilst achieving all these traits with a happy, pleasant, disposition. Not at all an easy task for someone to interface their life with yours so closely, for a 2 week period and maintain such professionalism and courtesy throughout.

I had a most amazing holiday and it was due in the greater part, to the most wonderful care and support provided by Nicola Cottee. 

Every aspect of my support was meticulously taken care of by Nicola. For the first time since becoming a wheelchair user - over 25 years ago - thanks to Nicola’s encouragement; I went in the sea! I cannot describe what it felt like to do that again…and the great dignity with which Nicola helped me to achieve it.

Nicola’s experience of recent travel in the most difficult of times; guided me through the airport & airline experience I had - it was straight forward and seamless thanks to Nicola. 

Nicola made sure every aspect of the help and assistance I needed during my stay was provided; no matter what time it was needed; especially during some periods of not feeling so well.

Professional anticipation by Nicola was helping me with tasks - paving the way - such a sensitive and in tune energy; Nicola had it finely and perfectly balanced for me.

In conclusion, it could not have been a better level of care than what I received in every aspect from Nicola.

I wanted to thank you for your informed and excellent decision to enable Nicola to work with me on this trip and for the top service Bluebird Care provided to me to enable it to happen. 

I cannot thank Nicola enough for her care and support, so I ask that you do so on my behalf and to convey the gratitude I have expressed in this email.

Many thanks,


"We have been using Bluebird Care for @ 10 months now.  The office staff listen and help, taking on board issues that may crop up, and then importantly the carers who come on a daily basis and help everyone on the team.  We are fortunate in having a main carer so there is consistency and means my Dad who needs the care knows his carer and can make a connection and bond, ultimately helping both of them.

For me the most important person is my Dad who is 90 years old, virtually blind, hard of hearing, almost immobile, good care is paramount as it gives him the dignity to continue living in the home he knows and has lived in for 65 years!   Thank you Bluebird. "


Both Michael and myself are very thankful to all the lovely carers who came to help Mum over the last few years, but particularly during Covid and in the latter weeks before Mum passed away.  Please pass on our thanks and appreciation to Christine, Gul, Louise, Katie and Demi who were all so kind and caring toward Mum.


I would like to provide feedback for Abie.

Joy provided extensive teaching for Abie which I have to say was absorbed to the finest detail and she followed the care plan.

She has been extremely kind and caring and a pleasure to have in mums home.

Mum felt comfortable in Abies care and I am very gratedful to both  Abie and Joy for her teaching. I thank you for choosing Abie.

Best Wishes



I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for all your carer's are doing for my mum.  


I live overseas but have been back in the UK and staying with mum for the past few weeks and she's been more relaxed, content and happy than I've seen her in a very long time.  All of the carers mum has to visit her have been absolutely wonderful, particularly Wendy, Sarah, Lauren, Katie, Rose and Joanne.


Wendy has such a lovely rapport with mum and I can see that they all genuinely care for her and it made me feel so at ease when I had to leave, knowing that she is being so well cared for and to see her so content.   Now that mum has got to know them, it's so reassuring to know that she has familiar faces each day.  Wendy really is an exceptional carer and the bond she seems to have with mum is just wonderful and I, and the rest of our family, have a huge weight taken off our minds, knowing we feel comfortable being able to leave mum in their capable hands.   


I did discuss the possibility of adding an extra half an hour to mum's lunch or tea-time visits with my brother, as she really seems to thrive on the company and interaction and it would give whoever is visiting her a bit more time to do a crossword or help mum go in the garden for some air, without being too rushed.


I can't thank you enough for all that you're doing. Before we made the really difficult decision of deciding to hand over mum's care we, as a family (particularly my brother), went through an untold amount of worry and stress and having Bluebird carers has meant that he's now been able to go back to work in the knowledge that he doesn't need to worry about mum and I feel so much more comfortable knowing she's being well cared for in her own home.  My brother has, effectively, been able to get his life back.  


I would happily recommend your company to anyone who needs to know that they can trust and rely on the care staff looking after their relatives.  The standard of care your company has offered us so far, is exactly what we had hoped to receive and that is a reflection on the training and support Bluebird must be offering their staff.



I would like to thank all those involved in arranging or providing the package of care for me in my home - the friendship, support, care and humour all undoubtedly allowed me to remain in my house for as long as was sensible.

Mrs E

Mrs E

I am writing to thank you all at Bluebird for looking after my dad so well over the past 6 months.


The quality of care that dad has received has been excellent.  Whenever I have had a concern about dad, I have never hesitated to contact either you or Kelly who have always replied very quickly, even at weekends.  I thank you for being so patient.


Dad and I got to know some of the girls really well and we will miss them.  They all treated dad with kindness and respect.


I will not hesitate to recommend Bluebird in the future.  

Miss A

Carers are very patient, warm, caring and understanding of autism and learning disabilities

Ms S

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