Complimentary Water to Beat the Summer Heat

Published: 22/05/2019

On the summer’s hottest recorded day (July 18th), we took to the streets of Romford and the Queens Hospital to help locals stay hydrated.

With the Met Office triggering heat wave alert and health warnings for vulnerable people, we did our bit to beat the 29C heat by offering hospital patients and staff a complimentary bottle of water and sharing a few tips on how they could keep themselves and loved ones safe.

Our top ten tips are:

1) Listen to your body.

2) Turn on the AC! If your home doesn’t have air conditioning, go to a public building for a few hours to cool down.

3) Choose water or juice over alcohol. Alcohol raises risk for heat-related ailments.

4) Postpone outdoor work & activities but IF you must rest in the shade, drink plenty of water & invest in a good mist spray.

5) Check on your relatives & neighbours esp. if they are elderly or live alone. At least twice a day (am & pm) will do!

6) Cotton absorbs sweat allowing you to be dry and comfortable. Wear loose-fitting, lightweight, light-coloured clothing.

7) Eat less protein and more fruits & vegetables. Protein causes water loss which you want to avoid to combat dehydration.

8) Don’t leave children, pets or ANYONE in closed vehicles. Temp in there can reach well over 140° in minutes which can kill.

9) If you think you may be suffering from heat-related illness, call 999 right away. Trust your instincts, seek help!

10) Give us a call ANYTIME! We’d be happy to check-in on your loved one or provide personal care on these hot summer days.


We met lovely people along the way…including Rosa pictured with our Director above.