Spring Flower Surprise for Customers

Published: 22/05/2019

Spring has finally sprung! To mark the start of the lovely weather we treated our customers to hand delivered bunches of daffodils on 4th April.

The gesture was twofold; to spread some sunny cheer whilst encouraging mobility and stimulation this spring into summer. “We are hoping the flowers would act as motivation to get our customers out and about following the cold wintry weather”, said Care Manager, Sharon Lockey. She continued “With warm sunny days predicted, hopefully the flowers will drive them to do some of the things they love most or have been planning to try; like putting on some rubber clogs and heading out to the garden”.

Each customer received a bunch a bright golden daffodils tied with ribbon and wrapped with a message to encourage gardening. Research has shown that gardening has many health and therapeutic benefits for the elderly. In addition to increasing levels of physical activity, it helps mobility and flexibility, reduces stress levels and promotes relaxation.

Welcome to Spring!