Alzheimer's and everyday life

In the present blog we will see how Alzheimer's disease affects a customer’sdaily life and we will present some tips that can help cope with the disease. It must be known that Alzheimer’s doesn’t affect everyone the same way, but some difficulties are common to most patients.


As mentioned in our previous blog "What is Alzheimer's disease?" Music Therapy is one of the highest recommended among memory exercises. It also allows you to relax since the situation can be quite stressful. Reading is a second activity that can be useful to someone suffering from Alzheimer’s. 

As a means to avoid extreme situations when a customer is confused about what hour, what day of the week or what year it is, a calendar and a clock can be hung on the wall so that he/she has a quick point of reference. It is also important to keep on referring to them by their names. Many others example may be useful; you can see them here:


Diet represents an important part for Alzheimer’s patients. They have to be careful about what they eat and plan their medication time accordingly.Low-fat dairy products and lean protein foods as well as fruits and vegetables are highly advised.However,foods high in sodiumand fat must be limited,suchassaltproducts in order to avoid highblood pressure.More details are available here:


Exercise holds an important part in an Alzheimer’s sufferer's treatment. Exercising several times a week for 30 to 60 minutes is advised and is said to delay the start of the disease in people showing high risk of developing it or slow its progress in the case of patients.Moreover it is imperative that the customerstopssmokingandavoids alcohol at any cost.

Relationships and family life

The relationship between a person with Alzheimer's and his family can be changed because of many reasons including communication problems. This person can become stressed or anxious due the whole situation. That is the reason why talking about the disease with your familyand your friends is important.

Support groups are another solution apart from talking about the condition with your friends and family.It consists in strangers sharing their own experience regarding Alzheimer’s disease. One of the most famousis the NHS Continuing Care Volunteer Support group; but they can be found all over the UK. Find the closestone to you by clicking on this link:

What about work and driving?

If you are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease it is best to stop working in order to spend more time in rest and care. But do not worry about your rights. While considering leaving your job, search for experts’ advice on your pension and social security benefit rights. However if you decide to keep on working, you should talk with your employer to find a solution that would allow you to do so with ease.

Regarding driving, being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s does not necessarily mean that you have to stop driving. However, certain legal requirements have to be fulfilled, including informing the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

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