Our Team Member's Stories

Siham Akka

Registered Manager

Siham's Care Journey

Siham Akka, the heart and soul behind Bluebird Care Greenwich as the Registered Care Manager since October 2018.  Siham started her care journey back in 2014 as a care assistant; after driving behind a bus, she spotted an advertisement for a career in care and felt an immediate spark. "This could be my calling," she thought, and ever since that moment, she's poured her heart into it. She chose this path because it offered the flexibility she needed to juggle her duties as a mother to two young children and her responsibilities in looking after her mother-in-law. 


Fast forward to February 2016, and Siham joined the Bluebird Care Greenwich team as a Care Supervisor. Within a year, she was promoted to Care Coordinator, and just a year later, she proudly took on the role of Care Manager in April 2018, ultimately earning her registration six months later.


Siham isn't your typical manager; she constantly goes above and beyond. The story of an end-of-life customer who found himself with no one to accompany him during his final hours. Macmillan couldn't find available help, and his family lived far away. Unable to bear the thought of him being alone, Siham took her own mattress, loaded it into her car, and drove to his house. There, she spent the entire night on the floor beside him. It's no surprise that the customer, his family, and Macmillan were immensely grateful for Siham's incredible act of kindness.


But Siham's compassion doesn't stop at her customers; it extends to her staff too. Her Care Coordinator sings her praises, describing her as a fantastic manager who's always there to lend support. Siham is approachable, hardworking, and sets the best example for her team. Her dedication to ensuring top-notch care is unmatched, creating a workplace environment like no other.


In September 2022, Siham and her Greenwich team were honoured with The Spirit Award at the Bluebird Care Annual Conference. Bluebird Care Managing Director, Phil, recognised their passion for the company's values, which they proudly represent throughout the entire network.

Just two months later, Siham received the Registered Manager Award at the prestigious Great British Care Awards. Judges were moved by Siham's warmth, her dedication to staff well-being, and her willingness to step in whenever needed.

One customer's daughter summed it up perfectly, expressing her love for Siham's team and their remarkable responsiveness and teamwork. Bluebird Care Greenwich truly shines in the world of caring, all thanks to Siham's dedication and the incredible team she leads.


Kim Clelland

Care Assistant

I started at Bluebird Care Greenwich in February 2020. I joined because I didn’t think I was a peoples person, and I really wanted to get to know people and come out of my shell more. Plus, it was extremely flexible around my family life too. 

I love the people I work with and its nice to get to know different kinds of people every day as it keeps me on my toes. I always think to myself, that some of these people that have no one really rely on me to do things for them and I love being able to help those sorts of people, I always feel appreciated.

A quote from Management - ‘Kim always goes above and beyond to help her customers in need, and helping her colleagues when needed. She is very reliable and steps in last minute when there is a problem. She is a great leader, and recognises when things need to be done and uses her own initiative to help people. Having Kim as part of the team is amazing, she always puts her customers at the heart of her work and delivers the greatest care’.