Our Care Assistants journeys

Hollie Davis

Care Assistant

Hollie joined Bluebird Care in May 2021 on a part time basis while she studied at University. This was Hollie’s first role in Care where she quickly developed and became an amazing Care Assistant, going above and beyond and always paying attention to detail. 

In March our Registered Care Manager Siham gifted Hollie a laptop to support her with her studies as a big thank you for how hard working she had been, despite her being in full time education and reaching the end of her final year.

After all of Hollie’s hard work, we are so proud to see what she has achieved!

Hollie will now be joining the office team as a full time Office Administrator and we are so excited to see her develop even more!

Mary Mclaughlin

Care Assistant

I have been at Bluebird Care Greenwich for 7 years and I have been in the health industry for over 40 years! Care was the first job I got when I came to the UK. My passion for caring for people is what motivated me!

I love taking care of people, I have good days and bad days but overall I really love it. The reason I got into care is very close to my heart as my father was in hospital and the nurse that took care of him was brilliant an extremely efficient. When I saw how good she was I promised myself that I would get into the care industry so I could help people the same way she did.

One of my most cherished memories since starting at Bluebird Care was working with a customer who was very ill when I started taking care of him. He couldn’t walk or do anything for himself, and he was having chemotherapy 3 times a week. Over this period he got so much better that he could drive himself to the supermarket, cook himself meals and basically do everything for himself! I really loved seeing his progress and it definitely inspired me. It was amazing to see, he was such a lovely individual.

I like working at Bluebird Care because of the environment and community we have here. Siham play a big part in this, and is definitely the reason why I have stayed here for soo many years! Anoop is also such a lovely person. 

Isil Williams

Care Supervisor

I have been working at Bluebird care for almost one year now.  I chose the care sector because I was unemployed for so long as I was caring for my children, I decided I wanted to a job that that I could do around my family life. I was caring for my family at home for so long, I wanted to carry on what I was good at as a job.  

I love working at Bluebird Care because the team are so supportive and the job is flexible around my other family commitments. I chose home care in particular because I thought I would be good at it and enjoy it because it was what I had been used to for such a long time.  

The staff at Bluebird Care are so welcoming and always support me and each other. Since being part of the team, I have gained so much confidence and there are so many opportunities to progress within the job.  

I've always said from day one that I cannot believe this is an actual job, I love it I believe it’s the best job in the world!  I feel driven because I have a made a difference in people's lives and supported them in their own homes, where they feel the most comfortable.  My neighbour inspired me to become a carer because she was an elderly lady who was housebound, as she didn’t have any carers supporting her, she struggled to carry out daily tasks, me and another neighbour were her only support. She would've benefitted from having carers and would've loved it too. From there, I realised that I wanted to make a difference to people's lives and support people that were in similar positions to my neighbour.  

Kim Clelland

Care Assistant

I started at Bluebird Care Greenwich in February 2020. I joined because I didn’t think I was a peoples person, and I really wanted to get to know people and come out of my shell more. Plus, it was extremely flexible around my family life too. 

I love the people I work with and its nice to get to know different kinds of people every day as it keeps me on my toes. I always think to myself, that some of these people that have no one really rely on me to do things for them and I love being able to help those sorts of people, I always feel appreciated.

A quote from Management - ‘Kim always goes above and beyond to help her customers in need, and helping her colleagues when needed. She is very reliable and steps in last minute when there is a problem. She is a great leader, and recognises when things need to be done and uses her own initiative to help people. Having Kim as part of the team is amazing, she always puts her customers at the heart of her work and delivers the greatest care’.