Our Carers Journeys

Stacey Palmer

Care Assistant

Stacey begun her journey with Bluebird Care Greenwich on 23rd June 2017. She reached out on Facebook asking if anyone knew of any job vacancies and was pointed in the direction of Bluebird Care Greenwich by a close friend.


After meeting with the Registered Manager Stacey was quickly hired without any experience in care, but an eagerness to learn and develop!


On Friday, 4 years and 3 months on from her first interview. Stacey has now departed from Bluebird Care to enter her dream role of working in a Special needs School! 


“Today is a day I NEVER thought would happen but because of this fantastic bunch of people they’ve taught me, helped me and built my confidence so much that I begin a new career path in a Special Needs School. I honestly can not thank you all enough for everything you’ve done for me. “


Teresa Dell

Care Assistant

I have been a carer with Bluebird for almost 7 years and have been with them since they were at the Woolwich Arsenal office. I became a carer after I was redundant from my previous job with Royal Mail due to them relocating. My sister briefly worked as a carer in a care home in Surrey so knew a little bit about it and saw that Bluebird Care were advertising near to where I lived. I applied, had an interview and started the same evening. 


I love being a carer as it is amazing to feel needed and to be able to help people to do things they are no longer able to do for themselves and to continue to live in their own homes. Customers always appreciate what you do for them and It is very rewarding building up relationships with clients.


One of my most cherished memories in the last few years was to help a customer  from my first day as a carer until the end of her life. She was very difficult at times but as she got to know and trust me we had many good conversations and laughs. Also to be appreciated by the family was heartwarming.  


I love working at Bluebird Care as we are a close team and feel we all look out for each other. The management are very special and feel I could go to them with any problems and be listened to and helped to find a solution. I did not really know that home care existed when I first applied but soon realised how important a job it is for many people who cannot manage on their own. I appreciate the Bluebird family and the hours suit my own family life which is why I have never wanted to leave even when I moved further away. 


I would say to other carers to never underestimate what a difference you make to someone’s life. It is a job that you do because you love it and not just a  “job”. My advice would be to anyone considering becoming a carer to look into it and know what is involved. If you are a person that cares about others including their colleagues and are a friendly person this would be a great rewarding job for you.

Mary Mclaughlin

Care Assistant

I have been at Bluebird Care Greenwich for 7 years and I have been in the health industry for over 40 years! Care was the first job I got when I came to the UK. My passion for caring for people is what motivated me!


I love taking care of people, I have good days and bad days but overall I really love it. The reason I got into care is very close to my heart as my father was in hospital and the nurse that took care of him was brilliant an extremely efficient. When I saw how good she was I promised myself that I would get into the care industry so I could help people the same way she did.


One of my most cherished memories since starting at Bluebird Care was working with a customer who was very ill when I started taking care of him. He couldn’t walk or do anything for himself, and he was having chemotherapy 3 times a week. Over this period he got so much better that he could drive himself to the supermarket, cook himself meals and basically do everything for himself! I really loved seeing his progress and it definitely inspired me. It was amazing to see, he was such a lovely individual.


I like working at Bluebird Care because of the environment and community we have here. Siham play a big part in this, and is definitely the reason why I have stayed here for soo many years! Anoop is also such a lovely person. 

Isil Williams

Care Supervisor

I have been working at Bluebird care for almost one year now.  I chose the care sector because I was unemployed for so long as I was caring for my children, I decided I wanted to a job that that I could do around my family life. I was caring for my family at home for so long, I wanted to carry on what I was good at as a job.  


I love working at Bluebird Care because the team are so supportive and the job is flexible around my other family commitments. I chose home care in particular because I thought I would be good at it and enjoy it because it was what I had been used to for such a long time.  


The staff at Bluebird Care are so welcoming and always support me and each other. Since being part of the team, I have gained so much confidence and there are so many opportunities to progress within the job.  


I've always said from day one that I cannot believe this is an actual job, I love it I believe it’s the best job in the world!  I feel driven because I have a made a difference in people's lives and supported them in their own homes, where they feel the most comfortable.  My neighbour inspired me to become a carer because she was an elderly lady who was housebound, as she didn’t have any carers supporting her, she struggled to carry out daily tasks, me and another neighbour were her only support. She would've benefitted from having carers and would've loved it too. From there, I realised that I wanted to make a difference to people's lives and support people that were in similar positions to my neighbour.  


Hodan Yusuf

Care Assistant

I joined Bluebird Care Greenwich in August 2019 and have worked in this branch ever since. I became a carer because I have a desire to help others and knowing that I will be making a difference to someone’s life. 


I love being a carer as I learn something new everyday and feel valued and appreciated and have a wonderful relationship with all my clients. My most cherished moment of being a carer over the years with Bluebird would be my first day, I was so nervous and worried and excited all at the same time. I was assigned to my first client ever who I had to hoist from the bed and onto a commode. Despite feeling feeling very nervous about using the hoist and trying hard to remember everything I was taught, I was able to accomplish this with ease and my client put me so at ease by singing in the most sweetest voice I have ever heard! 


She has now sadly departed this earth but I will forever remember her. I absolutely love working for Bluebird Greenwich as we have a lovely team and feel a sense of belonging! My boss Siham is always there to listen and support me.

Lorna Morrison

Care Assistant

I have worked for Bluebird since June 2017 and used to look after my mother in law who sadly died of cancer in 2015 helping others has always been apart of my nature. I love being a carer as helping and getting to know customers is so fulfilling and working at Bluebird Care isn’t just a job, it’s a family everyone helps each other and from the moment I started it always felt that way. 


I would recommend care to anyone who is considering getting into this industry. Give it a try, as although care may not be for everyone, knowing that you are  helping people makes the job worth doing!

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