Electronic care management

Take a look at the FAQ page we have put together on the PASSsystem.

Take a look at the FAQ page we have put together on the PASSsystem.

What is the PASSsystem?

Do you know about the revolutionary system that allows our carers to keep track of their customer’s records at the touch of a button? The PASSsystem and openPASS are the latest technology that has helped Bluebird Care to become an outstanding care provider. Gone are the days of piles of paper! With the online PASSsystem carers and supervisors are able to view their rota’s for the next 7 days either on their phone, tablet or computer. It is updated regularly so that when any changes occur, such as customer medication or tasks change, they are notified straight away. As well as this, they can access customer care plans, assessments, enquiries and reviews, ensuring that all staff stay on track of their work load and are prepared before they enter a customer’s home.

Thanks to the PASSsystem carers can tag in and out of their calls meaning that times are recorded accurately, enabling our staff to never miss a call. With this unique piece of technology families and pharmacies can use it to find records and care plans. All they need to do is download the openPASS app or log in on a computer. This is the way forward to giving the best defined care possible and Bluebird Care Greenwich is taking the lead.

Who can use the PASSsystem?

The initial access is for Bluebird Care assistants and office staff in order to monitor the staff in the field. However, there is a widget at the front of the care plan which will allow you to log in to see the care records. If you wish to have 24-hour access, we can set you up for openPASS access. This is the citrix based application which will allow you to log in remotely. You will then be able to read the care logs and give us feedback if needs are changing or medication needs to be updated. 

What is the best feature of the PASSsystem?

Here at Bluebird Care Greenwich we know what good customer service for good quality care is. The most important aspect is medication recording, as medication is a vital part of an elderly person’s life. Often there are several tablets to be taken at different times of the day, therefore it is important that the right tablets are taken at the right timesin the right doses.

Before the PASSsystem care assistants would have to record information on a daily basis on a record sheet, which were then collected on a weekly or two weekly basis and audited immediately by supervisors. This allowed them to check and monitor whether the medication has been prompted correctly.

However, the system did not allow us to spot medication errors immediately and we needed a more efficient way of recording. Now, the PASSsystem allows us to monitor within 12 hours whether medication has been missed and we can immediately react and correct the situation. In the future PASSsystem will be linked directly with pharmacists who will get alerted if the packs are running out and immediately put orders in for renewal of the customer’s blister pack.

Another feature is that we can monitor whether the carers are doing the tasks in the time agreed and whether the calls need to be lengthened or shortened. If the care needs changing, we can immediately adjust the care plan so that the care assistants can start to carry out the new tasks.