Snow Updates

Published: 22/05/2019

Find out information about the snowy and icy weather!

The office team is closely monitoring the weather forecasts throughout the day to ensure we are prepared for snow and icy conditions. The Management and Supervisory team have worked hard to ensure contingency plans are in place, meaning we can act quickly and effectively should our rounds be impacted upon by winter weather. 

At the moment, the biggest risk seems to be Thursday evening (31st of January), into Friday morning. With snow currently forecast from 13:00pm thursday afternoon, right through until 13:00pm Friday afternoon, which could cause disruption. 

An update weather forecast can be accessed by visiting the MET office website:

Gloucestershire Highways have the following information on being prepared for winter weather 

If you're on Facebook, then 'Gloucestershire Roads' is very useful to keep an eye on road conditions and closures.

The AA have the following tips on staying safe whilst driving in snow and ice

As we always say, please stay safe! The office team will be in constant contact with carers, providing updates and support. We really appreciate the entire teams efforts in ensuring that some very vulnerable people receive the care and support they need - in all weathers. 

Take a look at this picture of Sian in the snow we had last year!