The Dementia Red File

What is it?

The dementia red file has been developed by Bluebird Care Gloucestershire North's dementia lead, Donna Jones. The purpose of this new initiative is to intergrate the care of people living with dementia by care assistants, supervisors, family members, social workers, GPs, district nurses, consultants, nurses and other healthcare professionals. 

The red file includes:

  • The 5-step approach, cointaining full details of the person’s wishes, preferences, and holistic choices.
  • All important details of their personal and medical history, together with a current medication list.
  • Details of important contacts; family members, neighbours, healthcare professionals, and care company etc.

Who will have access to it?
By promoting partnership working, everyone will have access to the same high quality and up to date information. This will hopefully improve the quality of care given and reduce the stress and confusion often experienced by those living with dementia.

How can I benefit from using this?
We believe that the dementia red file will become an essential tool for everyone involved in the care of those living with dementia. Our aim for the red file is that it should become instantly recognisable to all NHS staff, carrying the butterfly motif used in hospitals to identify patients with dementia. The information in it will be used to aid effective communication and interaction and so to improve outcomes in every way possible.
If you would like any further information, please email, or phone Donna on 01452 414952 during office hours, excluding Thursdays.

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