Yet Another Good News Story!

Published: 22/05/2019

Beryl has had her first twiddle muff! Click 'read more' to read about the amazing impact this has had on Beryl.

We have yet another good news story to share!

Around two years ago, Donna Jones, who is our Dementia Lead has made it her mission to make and encourage colleagues and friends to make enough Twiddle Muffs for every one of our customers with dementia. Twiddle Muffs are for People with Dementia, as a classic behaviour of people with dementia when they are agitated is to fiddle, or twiddle, with things.

Beryl has just been given her first twiddle muff and as the photo shows, she loves it!

Claire, Beryl's Daughter has said:

“Mum had just been given her Twiddle Muff and seemed to accept it straight away. Mum had to have a tooth out and has never been great at the dentist, even in her better days. She sat in the dentist chair with her hands tucked into her Twiddle Muff and the impact was amazing. She was as good as gold bless her. The beads etc she can fiddle with whilst keeping her hands warm it seems to focus her mind and helps with her levels of anxiety. It's a lovely looking resource which gave mum a better experience at the dentist than we had all anticipated. Mum loves it so much she has asked for one to have upstairs whilst in bed watching TV at night. Wherever mum goes in the future her Twiddle Muff will never be far away.”

We are so happy that the twiddle muff has had such an impact on Beryl.