Bluebird Care Glasgow South's 8th Year Anniversary

Published: 08/08/2020

Director Jane Perry reflects on Bluebird Care Glasgow South's achievements as we celebrate our 8th year milestone.

On the 8th August 2020, we hit Bluebird Care Glasgow South's 8th year in the business - a wonderful milestone achieved with tremendous hard work, effort and time from our Bluebird family, both past and present. As we celebrate our eight successful years in the care industry, we asked our director Jane Perry to share her reflection on the past eight years, our achievements and moving forward.

I can’t think of a job I’d rather have. And so, on this 8th year business anniversary, I want to share why we love what we do and how we are inspired in looking towards the future and work towards even better ways to provide care to those who need it most.

  1. We help our customers to remain independent in their own homes.  Working with people and their families providing that unique bespoke service is so rewarding.  Having set the Edinburgh business up 12 years ago due to not being able to find this kind of service for my gran I have found this to be extremely gratifying. 
  2. We’re creating jobs. Knowing that you can help others sustain themselves and their families by offering them meaningful well-paid work. Especially during a time of global financial instability not to mention this pandemic, we feel like creating jobs is a very real way we can make a difference.
  3. Small is nimble. Having worked in national and international corporate settings (from which I learned much), I can say that I love the responsiveness that comes with being a small business owner. We can make decisions quickly—unhampered by long review and lead times or bureaucracies—changing course when needed in the blink of an eye.
  4. We have a personal stake. As a business owner, I don’t look at my job now as a steppingstone to my next one. This company and the Bluebird Care family is our destination—so we’re fully immersed in making it successful.
  5. We get to pick the people we work with. Most of us spend as much or more time during the week with our co-workers as we do with our families, and so the task of selecting high quality, motivated individuals who share each other’s views of work is indeed one of the great benefits. The result is a highly productive and satisfying environment that allows individuals to do their best work.
  6. It’s never boring. Every day is different as we are dealing with people.  I love this aspect of my job.  Everyone has a different outcome in living at home or working with us.

The past 8 years of running a business have given us the chance to meet and learn from fascinating people while doing rewarding work. From knowing little about the care sector to safely guiding all of our customers and colleagues through a global pandemic without one single case of COVID has been a fabulous achievement and we seem to be thriving on this experience.  Owning your own company isn’t for everyone. But for those of us who love to have a say in forging our futures, it’s the job of a lifetime and not a day goes by that I am not grateful to our team and our customers for being a part of this dream.

Director, Jane Perry