Bluebird Care Exmouth Get Greener with electric bikes for their staff

Published: 20/09/2019

Big plans are afoot across our hubs to reduce our carbon footprint.

The Exmouth team are leading the way with zero waste to landfill rubbish collections and, more recently, running their first successful beach clean. This week we took things a step further by providing our first Electric Bicycle to a member of the Care Team.

Jade started working for Bluebird Care Exmouth as a member of the night team, as a non-driver, remaining in the same customers home overnight was more beneficial for her. Unfortunately, Jade’s circumstances changed; working nights was no longer possible. The transition to working days meant that we had to adapt and create new rounds to suit Jade, who was working on foot. 

Providing Jade with an electric bicycle has meant that she has been able to reach more people (with a little help on the Exmouth hills). It also allows us to provide the continuity of care that our customers have come to expect.

Care Assistant Jade says:

"Having a Bike is not only helping me to get fit but means that I get to see more customer in my day and it's easier for me to arrive on time - which is really important. It’s been a massive benefit to me that Bluebird Care has been able to supply me this electric bike as I love domiciliary care and without it, I wouldn’t be able to get to all of my customers."

Bluebird Care Exeter, East Devon and Exmouth have set up a green focus group to work towards reducing our carbon footprint and going greener, keep your eyes peeled for more news updates!