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The Bluebird Bulletin

Extra, extra read all about it... The new 'Bluebird Bulletin' has arrived, providing a weekly snapshot of life at Bluebird Care!


We are 92% vaccinated against COVID-19

At Bluebird Care, we are proud to be over 90% vaccinated against COVID-19.


Care Co-ordinator Teri Saves Customer's Life

Care Co-ordinator Teri recently saved a customer's life while out and about on her daily rounds.


Bluebird Care Exmouth awarded a ‘Top 20 Recommended Home Care 2020’ Award

Bluebird Care Exmouth are delighted to announce that they have been awarded a ‘Top 20 Recommended Home Care 2020’ Award for a third year in a row.


Bluebird Guides: Virtual Learning & Workshops

It’s now been over eight weeks since the UK officially locked down and for many people, it’s beginning to become far harder to stay at home.


Bluebird Guides: Keeping Your Mind Active

Studies have shown a strong link between life in lockdown and onset of mental health problems, many of which stem from feelings of isolation, loneliness and boredom.


Bluebird Care Guides: Taking Care of Your Wellbeing in Lockdown

New research has shown a significant link between lockdown and mental health problems, which is why taking care of your wellbeing is so important.


Bluebird Guides: Staying In Contact With Family

During the current pandemic, one of the main issues impacting many of our customers and the wider community is being unable to see loved ones.


Bluebird Care create cards from artwork painted by their customers

At Bluebird Care, we recognise the importance of the arts in the lives of older people. Conny is an artist and customer, she tells us about her husband and her travels in a campervan.


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