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It is widely reported that the costs of Care in later life can be significant.

It is widely reported that the costs of Care in later life can be significant. What can begin as the occasional visit, for some light housework or shopping, can run uninterrupted for many months, but as our needs increase, inevitably so do the costs.

With funding made available to Local Authorities for Adult Social Care dwindling, resources are stretched; the regrettable outcome being less support for vulnerable adults and higher qualifying hurdles.  
Unlike the NHS, eligibility for funding for the majority of Adult Social Care is means-tested, so many people with savings, or who own their own homes, may find that they are ineligible for funding from their Local Authority.
"Cash in the bank" may offer some reassurance that one's Care needs can be funded privately, but it can be hard to predict when and how those needs will develop, making it impossible to budget. For others, access to funds might not be immediate – they might be tied up in investments, pensions, or property.

Working out how to best finance open-ended Care arrangements can be a daunting challenge: there are options, to those willing to spend the time investigating – investment products such as “immediate needs annuities” and “equity draw-down” schemes – but finding a reliable source of information and deciding on the most appropriate course of action can be difficult. However, the “easy option” of simply paying for Care out of cash savings can be the least efficient method, meaning your money might not be working as hard for you as it could.  
Securing funding for long-term Care brings about peace of mind and is crucial to our customers’ well-being. To help them navigate the maze, Bluebird Care Franchises has partnered with Key Advice, who can offer our customers the specialist legal and financial advice they may need to lever whatever assets at their disposal to their best advantage to secure the level of Care that they need on a sustainable and ongoing basis.

Bluebird Care has no financial arrangement with Key Advice, who are entirely impartial and independent. There are no charges for initial meetings and no obligation to proceed with any advice; all costs involved, including any commissions or fees, are fully disclosed upfront.
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