Bluebird Care Cardiff North is now launching Live-In Care services!

What do people ask when thinking of Live-In Care? Here are some of our more frequently asked Live-in Care questions for you.

Bluebird Care Cardiff North is now launching Live-In Care services!


We are pleased to announce that now we are in 2021 we will be launching a Live-In Care service to the suburbs of north Cardiff so that people that need to can continue to enjoy the best possible quality of life in the comfort of their own home, surrounded by the things familiar to them, 24/7.

A dedicated pool of live in care assistants will share your or your loved ones own home, on rotation, supporting you as either an individual one to one or as a couple living together, staying overnight every night, rather than have anyone contemplate the prospect of up-rooting and moving into a care home.

The prospect of someone outside of your family group living in may appear daunting at first but our live in care assistants will respect your home, maintain your dignity and offer you choices every step of the way.

What is live-in care?

It simply means you are supported by a care assistant in your own home all day, every day. The difference is your care assistant will live with you rather than visiting at specific previously agreed times.

Why choose live-in care?

When the care journey moves on, live-in care is a stress-free solution to when continuous care is the next best option for your needs. Maintaining normality with your daily routine at these times is a priority, especially in cases of onset dementia.

What does a live-in care assistant do?

Apart from personal care and medication, they will keep house, prepare meals and satisfying any dietary, nutritional or hydration needs. Help with washing and dressing, get the shopping and putting it away, change the bedding and most important, watch over you and be your constant companion. The list is endless and can be precisely tailored to anyone’s need.

What are the benefits?

Round the clock care, no need to move into the unfamiliar surroundings of a care home, remain part of your neighbourhood and circle of friends and if you have one, keep your pet by your side.

Can it work for couples?

Yes, and no differently than for an individual, it helps to keep couples living together, together. Sometimes one half may have more demanding needs than the other and a live-in care assistant can take on that burden letting the relationship continue without the added stress. It is also a relatively less ‘expensive’ option for a couple rather than facing two sets of costs as two individuals.

What is the process to learn more?

It’s easy, just give us a call at your local Cardiff North office in Whitchurch on 02920 623320 and we can arrange for our Care Manager to visit you in your own home, in person to talk you through how it all works, and the costs involved. An initial assessment can be made at the time to establish if your requirements are classified as low, medium or high dependency, taking factors into account on things like mobility, sight, speech and general wellbeing.

Who chooses the live-in care assistant?

Choosing your live-in care assistant will be as important for us as it will be for you. We will select someone with the right experience or life skills who will share your interests, the things you like and match your personality, too. Sometimes, to find the right people for you we might have to look outside the immediate area to find those attributes and character. Rest assured, every live-in assignment is regularly checked to make sure it is working properly for you.

Why choose Bluebird Care?

Whilst Bluebird Care is a national provider your local branch, Bluebird Care Cardiff North, has a team of qualified  people with local backgrounds and local knowledge. There’s every chance we will already know your GP surgery, pharmacy and even your occupational therapist should you have or need one. We have 10 years of service under our belts and even more in experience and know how.

To find out more about our Live-In Care service call 02920 623320 or visit for a copy of our Live-In Care Guide.

Bluebird Care Cardiff North

January 2021

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