LIVE IN CARE in Cardiff

Families looking for live in care, can rest assured that there loved ones can stay in their own home. Familiar in their own surroundings and always able to accept visitors when they chose.


Live-in care is a popular alternative to residential care where a care assistant stays with you in your home, offering support as needed. The goal of live-in care services is to empower you to live independently, offering tailored support and encouragement,

Unlike other types of home care, live-in care services mean a care assistant lives with you in your home, offering bespoke support as needed, day and night.*

Everyone’s needs are different, so there can be no one-size-fits-all approach to care. We work with you to create a care plan that celebrates your individuality and offers support when you need it most.


  • Support with bathing, toileting, and dressing
  • Helping you to prepare healthy, delicious meals
  • Household chores including laundry and general cleaning tasks
  • Accompanying you on outings; from grocery shopping to visiting friends and family
  • Specialist care including catheter care, stoma care, and PEG
  • Daily companionship
  • Overnight care

We believe that everyone deserves to live independently. Live-in care supports you to live your life, on your terms.


Live-in care offers a variety of benefits, both physical and emotional. It eliminates the stress of having to leave (or even sell) your family home. It allows you to stay in your local community, amongst friends and relatives. It prevents the separation of married couples.

But it’s more than that. It allows you to live independently, as you continue to engage in your favourite pastimes, with your favourite people.

Live-in care empowers you to stay independent while offering support tailored to your needs. Contact us today to discover how live-in care services could help you.

5 Things To Consider

When it comes to choosing a Live in Care provider, it is important to consider these five things before deciding on your care company.

1. We are regulated by Care Inspectorate Wales and all of our Care Assistants and Live In Carers are registered with Social Care Wales. We are also a member of Care Forum Wales who represent Health and Social Care in the Senned.

2. Consistency and continuity of Care

Our high levels of care continuity mean our customers see the same friendly faces day in, day out. 

At Bluebird Care Cardiff South, we pride ourselves on the high quality of care, service levels and seeing the same small group of Care and Live In Care assistants. This helps keep customers comfortable and relaxed in their own home. Being in their own makes feel safe and secure and we want to keep it that way.

3. We are a local family company

Unlike many care providers who are large national companies who report to a head office, we are local and in your area. We understand and work with the local community.

Our office is based in Culverhouse Cross, Cardiff.  We work only in the Cardiff South area so our care team have better relationships with healthcare professionals such as GP's, district nurses, occupational therapists and local hospitals.

4. Highly trained staff

Only the best Care Assistants pass our recruitment process and unlike many agencies, we employ all of our own staff and train them to standards exceeding all other Care companies. Our training is carried out by Matt Price in-house trainer who has been with Bluebird Care for 7 years. He delivers a full week of care training which is mandatory to work for us. Matt delivers Induction, emergency first aid, health and safety, manual handling, medication, safeguarding and dementia training. Each module carries it's own completion certificate. Care asistants will also complete shadow shifts.

5. Home and Live in Care experts

We understand that a one size fits all approach does not workl for  live in care. Everyone's needs are different. Everyone's preferences are different. We tailor each live in care pacakge to suit your needs and we pair each person with a compatible live in carer.

We are experts in both live in care and domiciliary care which means we are also offer extra support to our customers when they need it,  or if our Live in Care Assistant need breaks or double up support.

Call us for free, expert advice on 02922 671498, one of our team will visit you to discuss your no obligation needs. 

Highly Trained Staff

Only the best Live in Care Assistants pass our selection procedures. Unlike introductory agencies, we employ all our own staff and they are trained to standards exceeding all other care companies in London.

We support, develop and supervise them continuously to ensure they are doing the best job caring for you.

Our Live in Care Assistants will be matched very carefully to you and your needs. They will help with your interests and you’ll build a warm rapport with each other.

All the people who use our service have a named customer service manager who acts as a central point of contact for our customers, their families and advocates. We believe this builds long term relationships, helps communication and allows the people that use our service to concentrate on their lives rather than managing their care and support.

When needed, they’ll be immediately on hand to apply their specialised skills with time and total attention – something busy staff in care homes just cannot match.

Live in care case study

Below is a case study outlining the type of customer service and support that we are dedicated to providing our customers with. Not only this, we also truly believe that our job is to support the families and friends of our customers who cannot be there all the time for their loved ones. Through our live in care service we have been able to support people that live far away from the person they care about, or for those that are full time carers but need a few days off.

One family member said:

"I have been very impressed with Bluebird Care Cardiff South, I initially phoned Peter to find if my Aunt, who was in a nursing home and very unhappy, could have 24 hour care in her home. There were lots of complications including whether my Aunt would be well enough to make the move home, but Peter patiently outlined the options and services they could provide, it sounded ideal and the only way my Aunt could live at home again, after several falls she was not safe to be alone.

Once my Aunt was able to move home the Bluebird Care Cardiff South team swung into action, a full time carer was set up in the spare bedroom and although there were initially some teething problems, Bluebird Care quietly worked through them until the right mix of carer was found and my Aunt was happy.  

The team have been able to work with and co-ordinate with the local GP practice, organising the District nurse to call to the house regularly, the Doctor to attend when necessary, they have organized a podiatrist and dietician to visit.  But most importantly they are able to provide care in the home including providing meals which have tempted my Aunt to start eating again, they have been most professional in keeping records of hydration, food intake and bowel movements, all issues which resulted in hospitalisation previously.

I don't live in the UK and so Bluebird Care have been able to provide me with a regular email updates and these together with news from friends who visit and phone calls to my Aunt have given me a full picture of how things are progressing. 

I think the thing I have been most impressed with Bluebird Care, besides the personal care, has been the professional attitude of the staff I have dealt with.  It is not always the case with care for the elderly to have intelligence, thoroughness, professionalism and personalised care but this has been the case with Bluebird, I have to say without their efforts my Aunt would still be in a nursing home, very unhappy and deteriorating whereas at present she is improving and her quality of life is far improved in her own home.

She has her belongings around her with friends able to visit and her own network to hand.  I could not be happier with the service Bluebird Care has been able to provide.”

Live in care vs. a care home

There are several benefits of having Bluebird Care’s Cardiff South's award winning rated Live in Care service rather than opting to move into a nursing or residential care home.

Bluebird's Live in Care:

  • One-to-one care
  • Stay in your beloved home
  • Totally personalised to you
  • Every day can be different
  • Surrounded by pets, garden and possessions
  • Dignity and individuality
  • Privacy
  • Able to leave your house to your loved ones

In comparison, residential care homes often mean:

  • One carer per 30 residents
  • Leave behind family, pets and possessions
  • One size fits all
  • Regulated meal and bed times
  • Communal living
  • Become one of many
  • Regimented routines with limited outings
  • Forced to sell your home to fund your care

For full details on the benefits of Live in Care or if you have any funding queries, please contact our Live in Care team on 02922 671 497 and we will be happy to help you.

The process

The process

The first step is to contact our Live in Care team to arrange an initial visit on 02922 671497. This gives you an opportunity to ask any questions you have face-to-face, giving you a greater understanding of how we can best support you. Alternatively, please feel free to call us to discuss any questions you have over the phone.

Our Live in Care team will then put together a bespoke care plan and will discuss the Live in Care Assistants that we feel are best suited to you and your needs.

On the first day that your care commences, our Live in Care team will be there to introduce your Live in Care Assistant and run through everything to ensure you are happy. We will then keep in close contact with you on a regular basis to manage all your care needs and ensure everything runs smoothly.

You will have a central named point of contact to talk to at any time. We have an oncall service that is manned 24 hours a day and 365 days a year so there is always support when needed.

Call our live-in care service today for a free consultation and advice. Tel: 02922 671497.

Office hours: Monday- Friday 8:30 to 17:00.
During out of office hours please leave your details and we will call you once the office opens. 

Types of live in care

24-hour Live in

Our 24-hour Live in Care service provides you with ongoing care and support. You can maintain as much activity and independence as possible with one of our Live in Care Assistants living with you at home.

Rehab Live in

Our Rehab Live in Care service offers a short to medium term solution to help you in your recovery and rehabilitation following a hospital stay. We can then provide home care visits as you become more independent.

Respite Live in

Our Respite Live in Care service is a short term care solution that will enable your family/regular carer to take a holiday, knowing that you are safe and receiving the very best care.

Call our live-in care service today for a free consultation and advice. Tel: 02922 671497.

Office hours: Monday- Friday 8:30 to 17:00.​

During out of office hours please leave your details and we will call you once the office opens. 

Why customers choose us

With 24-hour Live in Care from Bluebird Care Cardiff South, you can stay in your own home supported by one of our professional Live in Care Assistants who has been carefully matched to your individual requirements and personality.

Call us for free, expert advice on 02922 671497

Live in Care is a life-enhancing choice which is a realistic and affordable alternative to going into residential care. It is ideal if you’re looking for round-the-clock home care and companionship throughout Cardiff South and The Vale of Glamorgan

Why customers choose us?

Our Staff
Bluebird Care Assistants are highly trained and willing to go above and beyond for our customers.

Our Consistency

Bluebird Care customers continuously receive high quality care from the same regular Care Assistants.

Our Tailor Made Care 

All care packages are completely bespoke to our customers' specific needs and requirements.

Given many of us will require care at some stage of our lives, it’s surprising so few of us know about the option of Live in Care.

Bluebird’s Live in Care service gives you one-to-one care in the familiar surroundings of your own home, amongst everything you treasure – your family, your pets, your garden, possessions, neighbours and memories. 

We will tailor your care to your precise needs, from companionship all the way through to complex care. This enables you, if you wish, to live out the rest of your life at home.

Specialists in Dementia and Alzheimer's Care

Bluebird Care are also experts in providing specialised dementia care, particularly Alzheimer's care. Experts say that the stress of moving into a strange new environment, such as a care home, can be traumatic for people with dementia or Alzheimer's. We can prevent this stress by enabling people to stay living in their own home, with specialist dementia trained Care Assistants.

Prices for Bluebird's Live in Care Service are comparable with a care home, but quality of life is not. Live in Care brings a level of wellbeing a care home simply cannot match.

For more information, please contact us on 02922 671497


We provide each Customer with  regular Live-In Care Assistants to ensure consistent care. Our Live-In Care Assistants may work one week on and one week off. Each week the Live-In Care Assistants have a detailed hand over with a Care Supervisor to ensure that no information is missed, the previous week can be discussed along with the upcoming week and any major events that may have occurred. 


We already deliver many hours of care in the community throughout Cardiff and The Vale which we have done for the last 13 years. If for any reason, the Live In Care Assistant has to leave, we have local cover to ensure there is minimum disruption to care.


All of our Live-In Care Assistants are employed directly by Bluebird Care so that we can guarantee that all recruitment regulation is carried out as per Care Inspectorate Wales, our governing body. Directly employing our Live In Care Assistants means that you can concentrate on your day to day life knowing that we have taken care of our staff. We are responsible for the Live In Carers pay, PAYE, NI, annual leave and staturoy benefits such as Pensions. 

All of our Live-In Care Assistants attend mandatory training and meet regularly with their Supervisor and Live In Care Mentor to ensure they maintain and deliver the highest levels of quality care.

We invest in our Live-In Care Assistants’ personal and professional development and all of our care staff are offered the opportunity to enhance their skills through training and they also have the opportunity to complete an NVQ Level 2, 3, 4 or 5 funded by Bluebird Care.


Live In Care can also be provided for couples. Tt helps to keep couples living together in their own home. Sometimes one half may have more demanding needs than the other and a live-in care assistant can take on that burden letting the relationship continue without the added stress. It is also a relatively less ‘expensive’ option for a couple rather than facing two sets of costs as two individuals.


Whilst the Live-In Care Assistant is living with our Customer they require their own bedroom and space to keep their clothes and personal belongings. The Live-In Care Assistant also needs to be provided with a food budget for the week which can be managed as part of a weekly shop or purchased separately by the Live-In Care Assistant at the start of each week.

The Live-In Care Assistant will provide additional support during the night and can wake up to assist the Customer up to three times per night. If more support is needed during the night we can arrange for an additional Care Worker to cover the waking night to allow the Live-In Care Assistant to get a good nights sleep and to be refreshed during the day.

The advantage of us being a local care provider is that we can also arrange for a second local Care Worker to cover the daily two hour breaks if required. 


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