10 Top Tips for lifting your mood

Here are some great ideas to help boost your mood and help with worries.


Here are some great ideas to help boost your mood and help with worries.

No matter how tough life can be, boosting your mood and helping to make yourself feel more positive is a great thing to do. It maybe something as simple as listening to your favourite music or putting on a classic comedy to make yourself laugh. If you are feeling lonely, spending time with others or animals can really help to lift your mood.


We have put together some other top tips to help you lift your mood:


1. Smile.

Smiling triggers mood-boosting hormones in the brain, so even if you don’t feel happy, try smiling and you may soon feel more positive.


2. Talking to someone.

Connecting with other people helps you to come out of yourself. It doesn’t have to be face to face, you can pick up the phone, chat online or video call.


3. Have a quick tidy up or sort out.

‘Clean your space, clear your mind’ Spending some time to clean and tidy your environment every day, even if it’s only 5 minutes can help you to feel better. It is a way of showing self-love and helps you to keep organised.


4. Take a trip down memory lane.

Take some time to look through old photos and videos for a dose of nostalgia, it can be a real mood booster and it’s fun to share fond memories and old stories with others.


5. Live in the moment.

If you are feeling low a useful tip on how to remain calm and keep your emotional balance is to try to focus on the here and now. Try to regulate your breathing, pay attention to what you can see around you, what you can hear, what you can smell and what you can touch - this will help to ground you in the present moment.


6. Take a walk.

Exercise in any form helps to relieve stress and worries. Try talking a walk outside, even if it’s just around your garden and this may help you lift your mood and stay calm.


7. Try to eat at least one healthy meal.

While unhealthy snacks maybe tempting and even comforting sometimes, your body will thank you for eating at least one healthy meal day a day with fruit and vegetables.


8. Listen to music.

Music is well known for boosting happiness and reducing anxiety. Try putting on your favourite album and you will be humming, smiling and even dancing along in no time.


9. Put on an outfit you love!

Putting on clothes that you love will instantly lift your mood and will help you feel ready for the day – even if you’re just at home!


10. Make sure you get enough sleep.

If you want to wake up feeling refreshed and energised it is recommended that you try to get roughly 8 hours of sleep a night. Our bodies need that time to repair and renew, so you are ready for the next day.



If you feel you are struggling with low mood and worries please contact your GP for further advice and support or visit the NHS website.