Signs that live-in care is needed

Live-in care may be necessary when someone is unable to manage the normal activities of daily living safely.

Live-in care may be necessary when someone is unable to manage the normal activities of daily living safely. Confusion, reduced mobility, and restless nights can increase the risk of falls and household accidents. Many people are too proud or ashamed to admit they’re having problems. However, there are clues that they may not be coping.

If a loved one is looking dirty, unkempt, or inappropriately dressed. If they're not eating, or they're confused about medication, they may need help at home.


Live-in Care, carer helping with dishes


Vital signs

Vital signs that around-the-clock care support is necessary include:

Near misses: Burned pans, hobs left on, doors left open, or baths overflowing could suggest that someone is suffering confusion and memory loss that could put them in danger.

Falls: Arthritis, impaired mobility, and failing vision can make people unsteady and prone to fall. Falls can lead to broken bones or head injuries. Someone unable to get up or call for help will suffer pain and discomfort and is at risk of further problems.

Restless nights: Dementia can upset the body’s natural cycle of waking and sleeping. Sleep disturbance can also develop due to heart, lung disease, or urinary problems. Accidents are more likely when it’s dark, so live-in care helps maintain safety.

Wandering: In the later stages of dementia, people can be agitated and confused and may wander to seek familiar people and places. Supervision is stressful and exhausting for family carers. Live-in care can provide a reassuring, watchful eye, 24 hours a day.

Rest and respite: Caring is stressful and demanding. Live-in care provides essential respite for family carers so that you can enjoy your time together.


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