Brendan Retirement

Published: 02/04/2021

Today we say Good Bye and Good Luck to our Training Manager, Brendan, who has decided to take a well deserved Break. Enjoy your Retirement.

After almost 4 years of being our fantastic trainer, Brendan Whyte will be taking a much-deserved rest when he retires at the end of March. Brendan joined us on the 12th June, 2017, all of you will know him and the majority of you will have had the pleasure of being trained by him. Whether he was meticulously stocking PPE, caring for the plants, or helping to pump up the tyres on the pool car, Brendan has always been more than the Training Manager and his passion for quality in everything he put his hand to be an example to all of us.  There is no better evidence of this than the feedback from colleagues who have commented on the quality of the training and the amount of knowledge gained from Brendan’s induction training.

Whether it was chatting to Brendan over a bowl of soup or a salad (depending on the season) or dancing at our 2018 Christmas party, it’s been great! I have enjoyed hearing about the times in the military or discussing the strategy of the business going forward. Thanks for your dedication to training our team over the years. I hope you enjoy your well-deserved retirement.

Robert Mezo, Managing Director

Brendan joined us at a time when we needed structure, which he developed and delivered immediately. Training has been an area that we did not have to worry about because we always knew that Brendan was the expert, and it gave the entire management team so my reassurance to know that he was in charge. Brendan would drive 120 miles round trip from Chippenham to Wallingford daily and through all weather. Although he will tell you he faced much bigger challenges during his years in the Armed Forces, we are certainly impressed by his level of commitment over the years.

Brendan was part of the furniture and it is going to be very strange not having him with us in the office anymore! Thank you for providing us with your knowledge and support (and frequent Dad jokes over the last 5 years) we have some big shoes to fill with regards to the training as you have set the bar high. I wish you the healthiest and happiest retirement, to spend more time with your family, enjoy your ‘Golden’ years as a man about the house. You will be able to put those random tools you buy in Lidl to good use now. Enjoy YOUR time.

Michelle Field, Lead Care Supervisor

After nearly 50 years, the last three years nine months with Bluebird Care, working around the world in various roles I feel it time to put up my feet and call it a day. I have to say the past three years working alongside you all have been one of the more enjoyable experiences I have had. Since starting in Bluebird Care South Oxfordshire I have watched the organisation grow and develop into one of the top care agencies in the South East of England. This is down to all of you, your commitment and dedication to our customers makes me feel proud to have played some small part in you achieving this distinction. I will miss working with you all, your great team spirit and humour. I will not miss the occasional long tailbacks and delays on the M4 and A34 in the mornings and evenings. For the future, I have already volunteered as a house guide for the National Trust property of Lackock Abbey in Wiltshire (where many of the scenes of the Harry Potter films were shot) meeting and greeting and explaining the history of the Abbey and surrounding area. If your in the area do pop in. Thank you very much for the retirement gifts, I am really humbled by your thoughts and generosity. I wish you all the very best for the future, keep up the good work you are doing.

Brendan Whyte


We would like to thank Brendan for the time he’s given us to prepare for his departure and form plans for the future –we will struggle to fill his shoes!