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I cannot commend highly enough the services Bluebird have provided for us. Bluebird have provided top-quality care which has supported me and guided me throughout my husband's decline. Even better than that our carer has commanded his respect and friendship and trust - and mine. Nothing is too much trouble, she works so hard and is so patient and kind and understanding I do not know what we would do without her. Her sense of humour lightens our day and believe it or not we actually have a laugh. She is a shoulder for me to weep on or someone I can moan at just to 'let the feelings out.' My husband looks forward to her coming and goes out of his way to do things he thinks she would like or approve of. He does this out of his own desire to please and even maybe to impress her with his remaining skills. It gives him a spark. Bluebirds are first-rate. I cannot commend them highly enough.

EL ( Wife of Customer)

Having made many calls following my mother’s hospitalisation, Bluebird Care Oxford, South & West Oxfordshire immediately came across to me from the initial phone call with the excellent live-in care manager, as properly understanding my mother’s care was a requirement. I couldn’t have expected anything more from the initial live-in carer, Bluebird Care Oxford, South & West Oxfordshire management experience made the choice of carer very easy. Bluebird Care Oxford, South & West Oxfordshire carried on providing a very high standard of live-in care and stepped up further when the need increased. My overall experience of Bluebird Care Oxford, South & West Oxfordshire care and its management has always been excellent. Their commitment has been unfailing and I would very much recommend their services to anyone who requires a knowledgeable, sensitive and high-level of care.

CD ( Son of Customer)

The ladies from Bluebird Care were so caring towards my mother. They were always on time, friendly, supportive, professional, happy and jolly at all times. Sadly, my mum passed away after 4 months of their care but she always enjoyed their company and they could make her laugh.

They all attended my mother's funeral which was not part of their job but that's how lovely and caring they all were.

LH ( Daugher of Customer)

It takes a great character to help people to take care of themselves and I can say that Bluebird has this attitude in abundance. I never expected to need a carer at my age; it was of great concern to me that I would feel demoralised in having someone coming into my home to help me. From the start, those feelings were diminished. I felt at ease and comfortable with staff who came to discuss my needs and expectations, this sentiment continued with all the carers that have been allocated to me. I found everyone has been extremely genuine, approachable and just perfect for their jobs. Carers all seem to have an aptitude for their role and the ability to make me feel that nothing is too much trouble. I find it a pleasure to have Bluebird come to my home. I feel all the carers give outstandingly compassionate care, which is in no way judgemental or condescending. My care has always been consistent, I believe all carers are an enormous credit to Bluebird. I would recommend Bluebird care to anyone.

SW (Customer)

I have been impressed and touched in equal measure by the kindness and professionalism shown to my mother by the Bluebird team. She was a very reluctant client and had the team not been so good-humoured, so sensitive to her needs and so 'human' in their response to her, she would never have agreed to accept care. As it was, 'Bluebird' became a source of great comfort for her and peace of mind for me. I cannot thank each and every one of them enough.

AH ( Daugher of Customer)

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