Age is Just a Number

Published: 17/07/2019

We live in a culture that celebrates youth. But that's no reason to give up on exercise once you a hit a certain age, says Professor Greg Whyte in Waitroise Weekend.

We were excited to come across this article in the Waitrose Weekend magazine this September.

Professor Greg Whyte OBE, a physical activity expert and former Olympian now in his 50s, shares his advice on how to age well and happily in a culture that celebrates youth.

The time has come to dismiss the myth of aging as a negative and downhill process, in wihch the decline of our physical ability is inevitable. While physical changes are of course unavoidable, how we respond to and deal with them is up to us.

​Hormonal changes can, in part, explain some of the phsyical changes we face as we age. The most well-known type of hormonal change is the female menopause. However, did you know that men also experience a "somatopause," which is characterised by a gradual decrease in growth hormone.

​Both hormonal changes lead to an increase in fat mass as well as fatigue, and can cause a potential reduction in physical activity if action is not taken. 

But that's absolutely no reason to fall victim to inactivity and muscle loss once you a hit a certain age, says Professor Greg Whyte. Exercise is key to combatting the impact of aging and staying active, robust and healthy well into old age.

​At Bluebird Care Exter, we are 
share Active Devon's passion for finding exciting and innovative ways of getting everyone in Devon active for life. We want to help more elderly people in our Devon communities get back on their feet- learning new things and meeting new people... and staying active, healthy and happy long into old age.

We are always looking for new ideas and collaborations to bring to our customers at our Wellbeing Sessions.

​As part of our Wellbeing programme, we are working to create a community of friends in Exeter - encouraging our customers to get out, learn new things, meet new people and stay active.

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