How does live-in care work?

People who choose a Live-In Care Service have the peace of mind in knowing that there is someone on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The  support our customers receive from their Live in carer can be extremely varied; from supporting with companionship, mobility and day trips out, to personal and continence care and support with medication.

We understand that maintaining a tidy and organised home is also important, so the Live-In Care Assistant will be undertaking housekeeping, cleaning, laundry and shopping responsibilities, if required.

The most important thing is that the Live-In Care Assistant is a companion and becomes involved in our Customers’ hobbies and interests so that our Customer can maintain their independence, continue living their lives as they wish to and will never feel lonely.

All  of our Live-In Care Assistants have regular supervisions, attend Team Meetings and partake in training opportunities to ensure they are delivering the highest standard of care and with our dedicated office team never far away, our Customers can be reassured that Bluebird Care’s Live-In Service is the right choice.

Regular Live-In Care Assistants 

We provide each Customer with  regular Live-In Care Assistants to ensure consistent cover. For example the Live-In Care Assistant may work one week on and one week off. At the end of each week the Live-In Care Assistants have a detailed hand over with each other to ensure that no information is missed and that there is as little disruption as possible. 

Guaranteed Local Cover

If for any reason a Live-In Care Assistant needs to suddenly leave a Customers’ home due to sickness or a family emergency then we have a range of local fully trained staff who can step in so we can guarantee that there will be no breaks in your service.

Direct and Local Employment

By employing all of our Live-In Care Assistants directly we can guarantee professionalism and extensive quality and security checking. As we directly employ all of our carers this means that our customers don’t need to worry about having to privately employing their carer and dealing with the insurance and tax concerns that come with private employment.

All of our Live-In Care Assistants attend a three day intensive training course and have regular meetings with their Supervisor to ensure they maintain and deliver the highest levels of care.

We invest in our Live-In Care Assistants’ personal and professional growth by offering a range of training and development opportunities.

The Live-In Care Assistant’s Needs

Whilst the Live-In Care Assistant is living with our Customer they require their own bedroom and space to keep their clothes and personal belongings. The Live-In Care Assistant also needs to be provided with a food budget for the week which can be managed as part of a weekly shop or purchased separately by the Live-In Care Assistant at the start of each week.

Over the course of seven days the Live-In Care Assistant is entitled to fourteen break hours which are usually split into two hours per day, which will be agreed at a time which is suitable for the Customer.

The Live-In Care Assistant will provide additional support during the night and can wake up to assist the Customer up to three times per night. If more support is needed during the night we can arrange for an additional Care Worker to cover the waking night to allow the Live-In Care Assistant to get a good nights sleep and to be refreshed during the day.

The advantage of us being a local care provider is that we can also arrange for a second local Care Worker to cover the daily two hour breaks if required. 


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