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Care Assistant to Paramedic

I had the pleasure of meeting with Marie Simpson- Daems, who has been with Bluebird Care for 3 years and is currently undertaking the new challenge of becoming a Paramedic.


When is the Right Time to Seek Care Services?

As the population in the UK ages, the question of when to seek home care services becomes increasingly relevant for many families.


Working alongside the NHS Eastern Services

With 1 in 3 hospital beds taken by individuals who are fit for discharge, health and social services in East Devon are testing a new project to reduce hospital admissions if they aren’t needed.


Meet Dennis Reed- Lead coordinator for Bluebird Care

With 20 years of experience within the care sector, Dennis Reed has proven to be a huge asset to the Bluebird Care team.


Where are they now? James, Field Care Supervisor

I caught up with James to ask him how life has been since induction, how he has found working with Bluebird Care, about his new duties as Field Care Supervisor and what the role entails!


Meet Imogen- Your first point of contact with Bluebird Care

Finding a care provider can be a very stressful and anxious time. Imogen, our Customer Service Consultant, helps to put those seeking care at ease and walks them through the process step-by-step.


Bluebird Care North & West Devon Takes Strides Towards Dementia-Friendly Care by becoming Alzheimer's Society Dementia Friends

Bluebird Care North & West Devon, an outstanding care provider, has recently embarked on a journey to enhance its commitment to dementia care.


Behind the scenes at Bluebird Care induction

About 1 month ago I started working with Bluebird Care as the new Marketing Coordinator. To learn more about the recruitment and training process, I decided to go undercover.


10 Winter Activities for Older People

As the winter season approaches, finding enjoyable activities for the elderly becomes increasingly important to ensure they remain active, engaged, and connected.


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