Our new Proud to Care Ambassador for Exeter

Published: 17/07/2019

Introducing Charmaine, our new Proud to Care Ambassador for Exeter. 

Introducing Charmaine, our new Proud to Care Ambassador for Exeter.

Proud to Care is a Devon County Council initiative, in association with Skills For Care, celebrating and promoting the true value of care work in the local community.

As a Proud to Care Ambassador, Charmaine will work to inspire and motive people to understand more about working in social care. Charmaine joins a team of passionate, Devon-frontline care staff working together at a regional level to raise the profile of a career in care and health. The Ambassador teams go out to visit local schools, colleges, job centres and other employment agencies to inspire others to work in adult social care. Using their extensive, first-hand experience, Ambassadors can talk about the wide range of job opportunities, helping to create a real-life, honest perspective of what to expect from working in social care.

Professional home care workers are very special people, making a difference to the lives of people who are in need. As our population of older people continues to grow, the need for qualified personal home care workers will also increase. That is why the need for good prospects and opportunities for career advancement in the care industry is crucial for Devon. The Proud to Care campaign aims to attract more people to the care profession by raising its profile and encouraging people to see it as the rewarding and worthwhile career that it is. 

We have 3 Proud to Care Ambassadors from each Bluebird Hub - Rachel (East Devon), Sandi (Exmouth) and Charmaine (Exeter).