Volunteers are extraordinary - celebrate what they do

Published: 17/07/2019

On the 1-7 June Bluebird Care Exeter & East Devon will be supporting Volunteers Week across the UK.

On the 1-7 June, Bluebird Care Exeter & East Devon will be supporting Volunteers Week across the UK.

To say thank you to these extraordinary people is the least we can do, and the aim is to raise awareness of the incredible help and support that they provide and the subsequent impact they have on the fabric of our society. It’s also about encouraging more people to get involved.

Thanks to Volunteers Week organisers National Council for Voluntary Organisations, the UKs 15 million volunteers will be publicly recognised for the great work that they do in what will be the 31st annual campaign to support a critical aspect of the UKs economy and ability to function as a society.

Bluebird Care Exeter & East Devon is also supporting Carers Week. This campaign has a community focus by promoting the concept of ‘Carer Friendly Communities. Communities which support carers to look after their loved ones well, while recognising that they are individuals with needs of their own.’

We recognise and understand the value that volunteers create every day of the year, across the country. Founded in 2004, Bluebird Care is one of the UK’s leading national providers of care in the home, with more than 200 offices providing the very best homecare services across the UK. Bluebird Care provides 20,000 visits to customers every day, revolutionising the way high quality and bespoke care is delivered not only to older people, but also to those with specialist care needs, younger adults, children and their families. Bluebird Care’s emphasis on professionalism and training means that all staff are given the support they need to provide the best quality care to customers. We are delighted to promoting volunteers across the UK.

Do you know a carer? Why not invite them for a coffee and a chat? If you would like to get involved with please see www.volunteersweek.org and www.carersweek.org