Lifetime Cap on Care Costs Delayed

Published: 16/03/2016

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 We have written before several times about the ongoing stated commitment of the last government, followed by the current one, to implement at least some of the measures proposed in the Dilnot Report.  The report was published in July 2011, and since then every announcement promising new measures has been followed by a further announcement delaying any action.  The latest announcement is that no measures will be brought in to implement the Dilnot recommendations until 2020.
The background to the delay is a severe shortfall in local authority budgets for socially-funded care.  In a nutshell, councils cannot afford to look after all those people already entitled to receive public funding for their care, so the government dare not bring a whole new group of people into entitlement.
The politically-minded amongst you might want to quiz your parliamentary candidates about their parties’ plans for the reforms, when the 2020 general election comes round.